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Parasitic Draw on Condenser Fan

So this is starting to stump me and some help may be needed here. I two parasitic draws on the battery but I'll only focus on one for now, the condenser fan.

I'm have the multimeter in series between the negative battery terminal and the negative cable, and I've unplugged all other connections to the fuse box except for the blue plug. I'm getting 12.4V and when I unplug fuse #29 (condenser fan) it goes to 0V. Simply eh

Well the catch is, I don't have a condenser fan anymore. The whole AC system was pulled. As per the below diagram i've found the relay and the plug. There is no voltage at the plug, and pulling the relay out does nothing. Also there is no power at the relay side too.

According to the wiring diagram Fuse #29 wire goes to Fan Timer Unit which then feeds the relay and motor. I tried finding the Fan Timer unit near the steering column but i had no luck. Plus this unit is a multi functional unit which also controls the rad fan relay/fan, and this fan works fine.

So.... am I correct in saying that the end connector should be getting 12.4V or the Fan Timer Unit (white wire) should also see 12.4V. Is there a chance something else connected to the Fan Timer Unit is pulling these volts?

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