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Tornado first person view

Random post. I sometimes think of random things I want to watch on youtube, a scene from a movie, documentaries, natural disasters, etc. Tonight was Tornado helicopter view and I ended up on this. Holy...S............ I think it speaks at the 2:08 mark!

[link because full screen is better)
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That's incredible, but at the same time not worth the footage after reading the description and finding out it killed his wife. Just drive away.

I lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for seven years. The tornado siren sounded at least once a summer, but fortunately we were never hit. It was still scary; I don't think I'll ever forget the time the siren went off while I was getting a hair cut. The employees wanted us to stay, but my mom pretty much said "screw that" and we raced home to get in the basement.

Twister and Night of the Twisters are still a couple of my favorite movies.

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Holy hell - that's an amazing video.
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I always thought I wanted to see a tornado, until one went through my neighborhood in 1990 - I headed for the lower level. It was also 11:30 at night so I couldn't see much anyway. It took most of the shingles off the back of the roof, TV antenna off the chimney, and 12 trees out of the yard. Two streets over it tore the second story off houses.
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I'm glad where I live tornados rarely touch down, but during the active season I am a cloud watcher. I think I'd be more afraid of a tornado than a hurricane because at least you usually have a couple of days notices that there is a big boy spinning somewhere and it might hit you. Tornados can just drop on your house and you are stuck like chuck. I've always heard it's safer to find a good place to wait it out rather than drive and drive away because tornados can move along the ground surprisingly fast (60+ mph from what I've read). If you are stuck in a residential area you would not likely get out of it's way, your only chance would be to be on the highway.
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Ive seen a tornado twice from really far away. Once i watched a tornado cross a lake in Minnesota, in 1994 i think. Wicked cool nto see the water funnel form etc.

Obviously far enough away that i wasnt concerned.

Second time was more recently. 2015 and i was just outside of waterloo iowa. Tornado was probably 20 miles away, but easily visible. I have pics on my old phone.

Again, really cool to watch but i was far enough away that safety wasnt a concern.
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