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So I have a new topic of discussion for my fellow vets (and those who are not feel free to chime in also). What are your thoughts on "stolen valor"?

Personally I believe that it should not fall under the 1st amendment as it is not really conveying speech an opinion so much as it is a tool for those that do it to garner financial and or social status. Barring the cases where a mentally ill person is wearing a uniform as part of their fantasy land I think it should be illegal.

As I have seen cases in real life and a myriad of them online I can reasonably assess that MOST people who actively identify as veterans by wearing a service uniform in public are doing so to gain something for themselves, be it a discount or admiration from the public.

I don't get caught up in the "my brothers died wearing that uniform" frenzy but I have had brothers die in uniform and I understand it may anger some. What gets me a little ticked is that most of the people I know and served with do not use their status as a discount card or even as a reference on job applications( aside from those that are getting into the same field as they were in the military),we are humble for the most part. I see that those who fake service are out and about usually trying to obtain benefits and courtesies extended to veterans for their own gain and this to me makes us look like beggers.

There are already enough people on street corners holding signs panhandling for change, I hate seeing what look to be healthy well dressed people claiming to be vets doing the same. I read somewhere that like over a million people claiming to be Vietnam vets never even served let alone during the Vietnam era and I'm starting to see this now with the younger generation.

Anyways, I'm curious as to ya'lls thoughts but please lets keep the conversation civil.
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