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Anyone order from Rock Auto lately?

I'm trying to get a cat so I can pass emissions, but it appears I can't order from them anymore. I've tried two addresses in two Colorado cities (I live in an apartment, so if I don't want it stolen it's either my parents' house or a friend who has an apartment on-site at work) that I can have my order shipped to, but I just get this message:

"We cannot ship to this address because it currently requires sales tax paid separately to state and city governments. We comply with state-administered taxes nationwide, but we do not have the capacity to file city tax returns in places where we have no physical presence."

Click on the "?" button next to sales tax and they say this:

"We collect tax on orders shipped to states where we have a physical presence (e.g. Wisconsin), and to states which, citing a Supreme Court decision (South Dakota v. Wayfair), force out-of-state retailers to collect tax."

Yeah I just ordered from someone else, but that's ridiculous. They've got great prices. Although I will say that if online retail is finally starting to charge sales tax for out-of-state purchases, I am on board with that. Every year when taxes roll around and I see the option to report online purchases... let's just hope I don't ever get audited, with the many thousands in car parts I've bought over the years. If that can come to a more gracious end, it's cool with me.

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I bought from them last month with no issues. But I live in Florida.
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fleetw00d is very helpful fleetw00d is very helpful
I just got some parts last week in Ohio.
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I've been ordering parts all summer from them. Then again I live in Montana and we have no sales tax...
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