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Rilas seems to have made some friends!
Rilas : 1993 Accord LX

So this adventure really began as my old rusted out 1991 Laurel Blue sedan. Then a buddy and I were searching for some pictures of a wagon roof rack and found this rediculous wagon on Craigslist.org, listed in Portland, OR. After my buddy read the list of parts it had and the price that was being asked, it was pretty much a done deal. I got a hold of the guy, scheduled to look at it on Saturday morning. I picked up my buddy at about 1am on Saturday morning and we arrived in Portland, OR at 8:30am. We went to meet the guy with the car took it on a test drive, bought it and were out of Portland, OR by 9:30am and back on the highway headed home. It was an extremely long day as we drove both the cars all the way home the same day. We only made a single pit stop for about 45 minutes on the way home. The only other stops were for gas.

This vehicle was built for a specific adventure, with plans for other uses later in time. That adventure is the Montana/Wyoming Gambler 500 2019 event. If you don't know much about what this is, I highly recomend looking into it. It's a weekend of mostly off roading with crappy cars in the woods/mountains of your local area. This year the event is taking place in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.

Timing Belt Manual Tensioner
Lightwieght Flywheel (Brand unknown)
Stage 2 Clutch (Brand Unknown)
Cold Air Intake
Prothane Rear Motor Mount Insert (Stock Rear Motor Mount)
Innovate Front Dogbone Mount
Rywire Engine Harness
T2W4 Transmission
P13 Chipped with Crome

Honda Rescue Garage 1.25" Body Lift Kit
Honda Rescue Garage 3" Suspension Lift Kit
Ultra Racing Front Upper Strut Bar
Energy Suspension Poly Bushings Master Front Kit
Energy Suspension Bushing in Rear Lower Shock Mount (Used the upper front control arm bushings and left the OEM metal ring for the bushing in place.)
Prothane Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings
SPC Front Upper Ball Joints (+/- 3*)
SPC Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms
Manual Steering Rack (Power Steering Deleted)

ABS Delete

OEM Roof Rack
Roof Rack Basket
650w LED Light Bar
HID's in Stock Headlight Housings (Don't flame the shit out of me, it was already done when I bought the wagon. Although I'm not going to complain about the light output.)
'90-'91 Front Lip (The edges don't meet the curve of the bumper being a '93, but I will get the right one eventually. It looks better with the wrong lip, than no lip at all.)

Stock Grey

OEM 6 Spoke Coupe Wheels

(Has a decent HU, I'll figure out what it is and update this spot)

Parts swap has begun.

Heart of the beast! (H23A VTEC and a T2W4 transmission.)

Color Code (Phantom Grey Pearl)

Full Lift Kit (This is a body lift as wel as a suspension lift.)

Massive Rear Wheel Gap 1

Massive Rear Wheel Gap 2

11"+ of ground clearance with 6" of suspension travel

Roof Basket 1

Roof Basket 2

LED Light Bar 1

LED Light Bar 2

LED Light Bar 3

LED Light Bar 4

LED Light Bar 5
MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)

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Raf99 is very helpful Raf99 is very helpful Raf99 is very helpful
haha, these pics look way better on my PC vs. phone. Ironic how the 93 cb7 comes pretty high already, looks funny to see it even higher! Lights looks good!

So where's the winch going to go ? ?

Oh, and you should build a oil pan / trans case metal cover for underneath..
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Rilas seems to have made some friends!
LMAO, it may eventually get a winch, but for now that wasn't in the plans.

It does look a bit funny lifted even more. But honestly I kinda like the look, I do feel that only the wagon can pull this off well though. The sedan was starting to look funny with just the body lift kit on it.

I've been trying to come up with something for a skid plate for at least the oil pan. Only there isn't a lot of areas to attach to on the rear subframe area. Not only that, the Gambler 500 is on the 21st of September. At this point I basically have 5 nights left that I can work on the car before having to leave. I just don't think, I have the time to get a skid plate created. I also have a few side jobs eating up time in my evenings, so the reality is I don't even have a full 5 nights to work on it. We are cutting firewood all weekend long for this weekend, so no progress there.
MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)
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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
You need some side steps that combo for rock sliders lol. If that thing gets any taller I might have some Mickey Thompson all terrain tire applications for it lol. I love it bro. You did well with this beast.
5 studded & leather clad - Praise The Lowered

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