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Installing Keyless - Missing some wires

I have a 1990 EX that I just installed an aftermarket Keyless entry system in. Through other threads on this forum I found various guides and wiring conversions that were really helpful. I was able to successfully install the module and have fully functioning remote Lock/Unlock + Parking Light Flash (Kinda wish it was Hazard flash instead of Parking... but it works).

However, I'm missing on a couple things that I would like to have:
  1. Where is the Horn wire? It's supposed to be a Light Green/Blue wire in the steering column harness. However I was not able to find it. Maybe I was looking in the wrong spot?
  2. I have power windows, and the module has an Auto Window Up function. How do I properly hook this up? I've read some places that say I'll need a separate module to control this, and others that say to just run four wires from the window control board to the module. Which is correct?

The module also has trunk pop functionality, but I know I'll need to rig up a separate solenoid or swap out the catch unit to make this work. I'll tackle that another time.
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Horn wire is under the dash under the steering column trim I believe. Since you have a '90, you don't have an airbag, and there should be one or two small gauge wires running under the trim. Those are your wires.

Power windows, you can run 4 wires to the switch panel harness on the door. Make sure to diode isolate the 4 wires.

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K2theM is cool... so far.
Yeah. After doing some searching and some testing; I'll need to do the following:

1. The horn is the Blue/Red wire at the steering column plug, but it switches ground. The Module I have switches live and is normally grounded. So when I hook the module up directly to it the horn blasts constantly. I can get this to work by using a relay that is activated by the module and provides a ground to the horn circuit.

2. Looking through the wiring diagram for the Power Windows, your suggestion is correct. Using diodes would be much better and more compact than the 4 Relay idea I had.

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