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Official CB7Tuner Frankenstein/Hybrid Swap List

Alright, I know there is a lot of debate and information and misinformation out there concerning hybrids/head swaps/frankenstein builds.

This thread serves to document who has a hybrid build, what the build consists of, anything special you had to do, power output, what parts were interchangeable, pros, cons,and any other information you would like to share.

Please keep all posts in here factual and informative, and detail any major annoyances with the swap. Please do not clutter the thread with awesome cool, great job posts, if you have questions, ask them, but the thread will be cleaned up as deemed necessary. Any non informative, or non technical questions will be deleted. I want this to serve as a guide for anyone considering a frankenstein build.

F22B DOHC / F22A SOHC Build

Block: F22B DOHC
Head: F22A SOHC
Pistons, rods, crank: Stock F22B DOHC
CR: 9.3:1 (The bore and stroke are the same as the F22A block, and the combustion chamber of the F22A and F22B Dohc heads are equal, so the raise in compression comes from the F22B Dohc pistons being less dished than the F22A)

Timing Belt- F22A
Water Pump - F22A
Tensioner - F22A
HG - H23
Headstuds - ARP

Power: 232 whp on 7 psi from an evo 3 big 16g, I do not have any NA numbers.

NOTE: To use the F22A head on the F22B Block, you have to change out the timing belt sprocket on the crank to the one from the F22A. The pulley from the F22B DOHC motor is a slight bit larger

- Higher CR, very torquey, SOHC head outflows the dohc head, makes good power, still good for boost

Cons - Looks like stock, so if you want something custom looking, this is not for you, you have to change the pulley, you end up doing more of a block swap than you do a headswap, so you have to pull the motor.

All in all, I think this is a really good swap. Throw on an H23 IM, get a decent cam, and a decent header, and you should make more power than a stock F22B Dohc due to having a better flowing head. On boost, it makes decent power too, and the CR is not too terribly high.
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I'm going to manage this thread from now on. Let's keep it strictly about what HAS been done instead of what somebody MIGHT do. Those questions will be handled in the sub-forum. If you have any questions/comments on how somebody did something then do so. But let's keep it relevant.
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