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93 accord 10th year anniversary edition cluster help

Hey guys this is my first post and Iíve got a 93 accord and my gauge cluster fried around the door indicator lights and I was trying to replace the cluster with one from pick and pull.

I got a new cluster but turns out itís a denso brand cluster and the one I have is an AS.

Thereís only cars at pick and pull right now that donít have abs Light on the cluster

Is it possible to just add the light and replace the abs plastic piece from my old cluster to the new one and will it work so I can have an abs light?
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You don't necessarily need the whole cluster. You can replace just the printed circuit board which allows you to keep your odometer. You probably need a cluster from the proper model. Remind me, does the 10th AE have an F22A1 or A6 engine? If A1, a PCB from an LX should work, if A6 the PCB from an EX or SE should work.
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The 10AE has the F22A1. It's basically an LX model with a few extras. One of those extras is ABS, however. You won't find an LX cluster with ABS. You'll need a cluster from a 92-93 EX, 91/93 SE, or another 10AE for the ABS light (and likely the ABS circuitry.) Having an ABS light isn't absolutely necessary, aside from the fact that it's used to indicate a malfunction, and to read any error codes... so it's probably best to have it.

Since you have the two clusters, compare them side by side. Look at all plugs, and follow traces if you can. If the plugs are identical and all the circuitry seems to be the same design, you may be able to make things work.
Surprisingly, there's not a ton of information regarding clusters on this site. I couldn't even find definitive information regarding which years/models came with Denso or NS.
The closest thing I could find was that the Japanese-built cars (JHM VIN) may come with Denso, while US-built cars may come with NS... though that wasn't confirmed.

How bad is your cluster damaged? Could you possibly just replace the burned out parts with new ones?

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