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Couple questions about my strut and spring instalation

Okay so this Saturday I installed koni yellow struts and ground control coilovers and I'm worried about a couple things, I'm a noob so forgive me. I have 3 main questions.

1. I used my stock strut mounts and when putting the strut together, the spring was too short to compress is this normal? It just floats there until you drop the car on it.
2. Am I okay using the stock strut mounts? All I did was replace the rubber piece that the stock spring sat under with the top hats that ground control came with.

3. In the front the bump stops only give the strut about an inch maybe an inch and a half of room to depress, should I trim them to give it more room?

Sorry for the long thread guys, I just want this done right! Any input would be awesome!
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1. Yes. Your OEM spring is much longer than the Eibach springs from GC.

2. You are supposed to use your stock top hats (strut mounts). The kit was designed to work with them.

3. The Koni instructions say to cut the bump stops...I did and now my UCAs hit. I can't speak for your situation because I don't know how low you are nor your wheel and tire setup. I suggest not cutting them first. If you feel that you aren't getting enough travel, then you can cut them.

Welcome to the forums!
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The shorter springs will float. Especially the ones on adjustable coilovers. It's not a problem. Just make sure everything is seated properly once you lower the car. General installation instructions SHOULD be available from Ground Control.

Stock strut mounts (the "tophats") can be used with no problem. If the bushings are still good, you'll be fine. You could always upgrade to polyurethane bushings (I believe Energy Suspension makes some.)

Definitely cut the bump stops in half. You can do damage to the strut otherwise. It might be a good idea to buy new bumpstops while you're at it. Cutting the bumpstops should have no effect on the UCA hitting. That comes with camber correction (pushing the ball joint outward toward causes it to come into contact with the inner fenderwell.)

Good choice on parts, by the way. That's one of the best setups you can get for the CB7... and very often overlooked in favor of flashier (inferior) full-bodied coilovers, or the lower pricetag of cheap springs and shocks.

If you haven't invested in a camber kit yet. you might want to do that soon. Ingalls and SPC are the only two brands I would trust, and they make fantastic products. They're not cheap, but they're cheaper than a new set of tires!

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Like they said you'll be fine.....

Good choice, I have the same setup. I assume you got the Koni-Spec GC kit so it slides right on to the shock itself right? (so you don't need the lower spring perch)

Koni Spec (aka the "right way")

vs. the "standard" GC kit which is supposed to fit all other shocks but Koni's. It can be run with Koni's as shown below, but isn't optimal.

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Yes I got the ones specifically for koni yellows
Thanks guys this is exactly what I needed!!
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How did it come out? Just curious about the ride and the adjustments as i am thinking about going that route...
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ground control , koni yellow , suspension

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