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4th times the charm

Well folks, I finally replaced my totaled 90 CB7 that crashed last January.

I had to keep it a bit of a secret till I got it and got back to Alaska.
So here she is, 92 EX M/T H22A Sedan! 94,xxx miles on the body!!!
My Dad, GF, & I flew from Anchorage, AK on September 24th 2017 at 1AM to Seattle, WA. got to Seattle at 5AM Seattle time. took a train to the Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island where we met my Grandparents.

Grandparents met us at Bainbridge with a family vehicle (1990 Toyota P/U with 330,xxx miles on it!) that we then proceeded to drive to Portland, Oregon.
Many hours later, and many more arguments later, we finally arrived to the dealership in which I was to buy the car id been eying on craigslist for 2 weeks. ($1595)
The cb7 was already pulled out and ready for test drive, I called ahead of course. Mind you there is 0 Rust! Very minimal dings, faded paint but that's easy to fix. I test drive it, see that it needs new rotors soon as well as a new squirrel cage for the blower motor. The Speedo worked on and off during the test drive.

When we got back to the lot, my dad pulled a Fast and Loud Richard Rawlings move and got the car for $1200 + 30 to transfer title.
I signed all the paperwork, got all the Carfax, and away we went to drive 300 miles back to Port Townsend, WA. (where my grandparents live & where I'm storing my car)

On the drive back, the Check Engine Light came on a hour or so in.
Had to pull over a few times because at this point we were all up for over 24 hours and I was losing concentration while driving on the freeway at 80.

Anyways, we made it back and Slept good. In the next days I did some maintenance to the car. Iridium Spark Plugs, NTK O2 sensor, Radio deck, Integra Clock, wired in a right blinker socket, Blower motor assembly, Cone Air Filter, Vehicle Speed Sensor. that's all I can think of. Had a code 41 and code 17, got them both sorted out. no more CEL

also scored some 92/93 Fog Lights, A,B, & C Harness, and the button at the Arlington Pick N Pull!!

The car came with DC Header, stock exhaust after downpipe, AEM Intake, AEM Fuel Rail, P13 ECU Power Steering, Cruise, & cold A/C!!!
also came w stock tranny w not even 100 thousand miles on it! shifts so smooth but shifts out of vtec every shift.

Apparently I have a JDM H22A

wondering if this is the correct ecu

Now I got Washington plates and am planning to drive thru Canada, into Alaska before Christmas with my Girlfriend Ashlyn. getting our expedited passports sorted out and saving up, and Planning till then. Going to do some more maintenance to it before the drive, Belts, Front Brakes, junkyard Headlights, Tranny flush, oil filter change, Insurance, AAA, Studded snow tires.

Last edited by alex_eats_rice; 10-06-2017 at 01:30 AM. Reason: added pictured of ecu and engine stamp
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Raf99 is very helpful Raf99 is very helpful
Sweeet story and the car looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.
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That's awesome! I can't argue with WA state as a great place to find a good CB! In fact, I've purchased two cars from there in the past few years.

I'm so glad you're replacing those headlights. I think the last thing you'd want is to be driving in the Yukon late at night during a flurry with the light output of those things, especially in their current condition.
My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!
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alex_eats_rice is cool... so far.
Alaskan cb7 Update

It has been so nice having my own cb7 again! ive owned this cb7 since april 2017 but have only put like 3,000 miles on it its sad lol. mileage right now is 97,700.
Cleaned the Vtec Solenoid, Cleaned the IAVC, Replaced TPS, New Radiator cap, Cap & Rotor, VSS, O2 sensor, Fuel Filter, Oil change, new Air filter, NGK Spark Plug wires with Iriduim Spark Plugs

Needs Passenger side CV Axle, boot is ripped and grease has made a mess. ABS light is on, I think the cv axle has something to do with that.
Representing Anchorage Alaska

I've been doing work on it since its got shipped from Tacoma April 2018.
changed out the headlights from crappy ebay one pieces to OEM from a F22a9 cb7 in the Arlington Pick N Pull -

BlackHoused Headlights,-


Red/Clear Tails-
Bumper Light Mod-

Led Switchback blinkers in front bumpers, wired it myself, 15' Rockford Fosgate sub, 800 Watt amp,
20% Tint

this weekend I'm getting the hubs from a 98 Acura CL 4cyl for $100 a side so for $200 for the front. ROH swap is needed my current rotors are pretty bad.

Sprayed my gf's rims -

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Nice cb7! More pictures!

Instagram username MAURO02

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Nice score! Both cars look good, keep it up!
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Kenai Alaska Roadtrip

Originally Posted by excalibur02 View Post
Nice cb7! More pictures!
Thanks, lots of time and work since its been in Alaska! My friend Brian helped me tackle a Timing Belt/ Water Pump/ Manual Timing Tensioner. Painted Valve Cover Blue, Oil Filter change, Air filter, adjusted the timing on the distributor side made a big difference. Clear tails, Led taillight bulbs

Cleaned valve cover in parts washer

Broken Balance Shaft Belt!! A few inches gone.

This pic doesn't have the Balance Shaft Seal Retainer but that's cause we put it on later after the pic was taken.

All put back together. Big shoutout for the help goes to my Girlfriend Ashlyn & Brian C !!

Kenai, Alaska 4th of July Softball Tournament-

On our way back from the Kenai Peninsula. Slept in the wagon for a few nights with my 2 dogs and my GF I'm 6ft 4 lol

Our little tent city.

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alaska , anchorage , h22a

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