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Aftermarket Stereo Won't Power On Sometimes?

Okay guys, so the title is pretty much self-explanatory of the entire situation.

Recently, I've had some problems with my car stereo...
I replaced the stock head unit with an aftermarket Kenwood about 2-3 months ago and everything was working just fine. Bluetooth works perfect, it picks up stations pretty solid and I really couldn't complain about anything (besides that I only have three 9.5'' speakers since my driver side door speaker wire was cut d*mn near to the base by whoever was the original owner)
Anyways, the issue hasn't been that the music won't play through any of the speakers - but instead that it won't even power on!
A couple of weeks ago it first began having an issue with the power; For example, I would start the car in the morning and it would take 2-3 minutes before it would even power on. Once it DID get started, the text would be scrambled (on the monitor) and it would take forever to settle on an input ( the bluetooth may take 30 secs. or so to connect, or the radio wouldn't actually be playing).

Now, it won't even come on bro! I'm a pimp, so I enjoy my peace and quiet - but I gotta' have my smooth tunes sometimes!

So, at first I thought "Hm, let me just try and remove the faceplate and plug it back in - right?" Nothing. So, I took a bit of time to remove the fuse box and check on the fuse -- Here's what I found.

There's like 3-4 fuses that are the wrong number, and I think there's one missing too! However, If I recall correctly the fuse running my radio was okay.
I'll double check on it, and maybe post a couple of photos of what I mean just so I can clarify for you guys - but anyways I was really just wondering what else could the problem possibly be?

As a side note, I'm pretty sure that everything is installed correctly directly to the head unit..
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Raf99 is very helpful Raf99 is very helpful
I know the remote wire can cause the stereo to not power on. Did this wire become unplugged?
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You need to go through the fuses and replace them with the proper size first.

Did you use a proper aftermarket harness to connect the headunit to the stock wiring?
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Is this a new head unit? How are the contacts between the head unit and the face plate? The scrambled text on the display suggests there is a communication issue between the two. Input selection and overall operation is completely dependent on the face being properly connected so I'd definitely investigate there as well.
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replace all the fuses with correct ones under hood and behind the drivers side kick panel (behind hood release). once thats all good make sure the remote wire and power/grounds on the wire connector and adapter that connect to the head unit are all good. there should also be a fuse on the back of the head unit itself, check that. if all that is good then get a test light, it will help you see whats getting power and what isn't.
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Originally Posted by AhYesCB7 View Post
You need to go through the fuses and replace them with the proper size first.

Did you use a proper aftermarket harness to connect the headunit to the stock wiring?
Preciate' it.

Thanks everyone, so pretty much I did go through the fuses and some of them were just completely wrong.
After replacing everything the stereo is coming back on - but it takes a little while for it to connect to the bluetooth still.

More than likely when I've got some time this weekend I'll disconnect it and do a little bit more thorough searching!

Honestly, I've been considering installing an AMP and mounting two 6x9's in my backdoors (there's a huge space under the panel and from what I can tell there shouldn't be any conflict with having them sitting in there "flush") so more than likely, I'll be re-wiring everything and getting down to the knitty-gritty soon.

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