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Question Brake Overhaul Suggestions?

Hey Guys, so my brakes are about done on all four corners, I'm definitely starting to get a squeal from my rear discs when coming to a stop.

Right now everything is stock all around (with the exception of SS brake hoses, and a rear disc conversion), and I'm wondering if there's a relatively simple way to upgrade my front calipers, and go to rotor over hub without going 5 lug.

Also, open to suggestions on rotors and pads. I definitely want at least slotted rotors.
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The "best" way to go to a ROH setup would be to buy the 2.3CL hubs, new OEM bearings, and 2.3CL front rotors and install everything inside the factory knuckle.

The "easiest" way would be to buy the entire front knuckle and brakes from a '98-'99 2.3CL or '98-'99 3.0CL. Obviously there are a lot of variables with this one, but I just wanted to present the idea that there are a myriad of ways to accomplish this and these are just two points along the spectrum.

Depending on whether or not you use this as an opportunity to upgrade rotor size or caliper size will influence the overall cost of this modification. Doing it the way I described first is essentially turning the HOR setup into a ROH setup and doing nothing else at all. Basically making the car the way it should have come from the factory, still with a 262mm front rotor.

Something else to consider is that this is a modification that doesn't require you to do everything at once. If you found a '98-'99 2.3CL at a junkyard and snagged both front knuckles with the rotors, you could run that setup with your OEM caliper and bracket only to decide you want to go with a larger 11.1" rotor in the future.

Also, if your car has Nissin calipers currently, you could upgrade rotor size with just new rotors, caliper brackets and pads. Your factory caliper would fit the larger bracket.

I will say that this topic can be a dreaded one to explain. People say that the information isn't clear, and they're usually right. It's because the nature of this modification is one that promotes a "while you're in there" upgrade. Not many people ever stick with the OEM 262mm rotor setup, but that's how the original DIY was written. To explain how to correct the HOR issue, and nothing else. The upgrade portion that includes possibilities for larger rotors, larger calipers (different calipers in the case of those with Akebonos) and different knuckles is what makes it confusing.

Tell us what you want andwhat your budget for this is, and we can make suggestions on how to proceed.
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