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Hello everyone!

Im very excited to be here. A few weeks ago, i bought a 1993 Coupe SE. it needs a lot of front end work, as it had been in an accident! Got it for $400 at auction!

Im having a hard yime finding a lot of coupe SE trims! Are these more rare or something?

Thanks in advance!
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The SE is pretty uncommon in general. It was a $22,000 car in 93, which is like $43,000 today. That’s about $5,000 more than a top model Accord today!

The good thing is that there is nothing unique to the SE front end that isn’t shared with lesser trim sedans and coupes. All lights, body panels, suspension components, and most underhood components are identical. Engine parts will be the same as any 92-93 EX trim.

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Welcome to the forums! And yeah, I second what Deev mentioned. Aside from an all leather interior everything else is basically the same.

How bad was your front end damage? If you're looking for a perfect fit core support I'd recommend a Honda replacement unit.
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Brand new to the CB7 world, baptism by fire...

Hello there!

So, today, I bought my very first CB7. Its a 92 LX Coupe. I took a Lyft 60 miles to get out to buy it for 500 dollars. My 99 Passport died, and I had ran out of passion.. so, in digging around classifieds, I found this, and decided that I could see all the class and striking good looks that were waiting to come out of it. Its idle and throttle are a bit weird. When you give it throttle, it bogs down until it hits a mid point, and then bogs down when you try to take it further. The challenge was getting it up to speed without getting ran over by an 18 wheeler on the high way. Down shifted whenever I had to go up much of an incline. You kinda had to feather the throttle. I think the idle is set poorly. Isnt likely a bad issue with the timing belt, as I assume that I would have left the engine on the highway if that were true.. Im going to do all the stuff with the IACV and the rest of it, and set the idle according to what I seen in here. Its an automatic by the way. Anyway... along the way, I hit a pot hole and blew out the driver side front tire... getting home was an adventure.. when I did stop to put some gas in it, I remember looking at it and saying out loud, "youre going to be something..." Im excited about it.
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