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over fill my transmission

I accidentally over fill my tranny with honda OEM fluid. My tranny is slipping and I had to replace my ecu, blown capacitor. Its still slips no gears. Looking to correct or trouble shoot this issue before I go I yank another tranny from the junk yard.
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I’m assuming this is for an auto? As I don’t know how you can over fill the manual trans as once it starts seeping out the fill hole you stop.
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fleetw00d is very helpful fleetw00d is very helpful
If it is too full, either suck some out through the fill hole, or drain it and fill it correctly. Do you mean you replaced the Transmission Control Module (TCM)? How many miles on the transmission? How often have you replace the fluid in the past?

Getting one from a JY can be a crap shoot as well, you don't know that the one you're getting is any better than what you've got. That's a lot of wasted work if it doesn't work.
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its an auto. It was the TCM i had to swap out. I just had an extra quart of OEM trans oil so i just decided to drop in just because i had it. I wish i did would of not drop the fluid it. will this correct the issue?
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How did you go about checking the fluid level before topping it off? I'm hoping you did this before adding your fluid.
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G. Wiffington
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I cannot lie, I just bought an auto EK Coupe & I was changing the shift solenoid
towards the bottom of the trans. Like an idiot I removed the sensor & fluid
poured out as swapped on the new sensor (terrible idea). I eyeballed how
much I thought poured out & it ended up being too much. It wouldn't even
move in Drive.

I just drained it all then just refilled the proper amount & it was fine
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