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My F22A6 kill itshelf going to swap to F23A1

I have been doing research for this swap. I going to use an F23a1 ECU to run the engine. can I just "bolt" the engine in place As in the block of the F23 the same as the F22? Can I use the Flywheel from the F22?
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It will bolt in. The flywheel will bolt on. You will have to use the motor mount bracket off of the block by the timing cover off of your f22a6.
It might be alot of work to get a f23 ecu to work,how much do you know about honda swaps and wiring them?I recommend running a p28 ecu,drilling and tapping the f23 intake plenum so you can put your f22 iacv on it or run a f22b intake because the f23 iacv won't work with any other ecu then the f23 ecu and running a chipped p28 ecu You will just have to get a chip with a f23 basemap burned onto it and pin in and run the wires for vtec and the vtec oil pressure switch.
You will want to use all of the accessory brackets off of the f23 including the f23 ps pump and use a f23 power steering line because you cannot use the f22a pump on the f23 and the line in your accord wont bolt up so like I said you will need the line from a 6th gen accord

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dr manhattan
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Not trying to talk you out of it, but an F23x engine in a cb is not worth the hassle just for Vtec and a few horses... You could start reading this similar thread.


Remember that you can also do F22 head F23 block keeping everything obd1 and avoid some major headaches
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If you can, I'd avoid it. I did a F23A1(out of a '99 CG) swap into my CB7 after my F22A1 started rod knocking. I only did it because I got it for very cheap and thought it was going to be easier than it was. It's a bit quicker and the VTEC is nice(I used the ECU from a CD5 that had VTEC, I just had to swap two pins), but there are things that don't quite fit right, the big one being that all my engine mounts don't line up correctly. The one on the driver side only fits over the one bolt and not the other. The wiring is also a headache since it's going from OBD2 to OBD1, but not the worse thing in the world to do.

It can be done, I've been running it with functioning VTEC for a few years now, but there are easier swaps that will give you more power.
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