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Clutch HELP!

I just moved to Texas. Unfortunately I had to leave my old CB7 so I started searching for a new one. Found the perfect one. 5 speed Manual with Clutch problems.

"Clutch Sticked Open So Now It Needs A New Clutch But Runs Start And Shifts Good But Doesn't Accelerate In Gear Due To The Bearing And Clutch Plate Open" - seller

Can anyone direct me where I can get the clutch replaced in the Houston area for a decent price and possible stick in a Stage 1 clutch while they are at it?

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houston area

You might want to let us know what side of Houston you are on, or what side the car is on due to how spread out Houston is.
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If the car is stock or near stock, you don't need "stage 1" anything. Furthermore, "stage 1" is a proprietary designation within a certain brand's offerings. One brand's "stage 1" may be far more aggressive than another's. Do yourself a favor and buy a brand new Exedy OEM replacement clutch kit. That's all you'll need. If you MUST give yourself an "upgrade", go for their next step up. Avoid any of that ebay junk like XTD or F1.
Just keep in mind, a more aggressive clutch will give you no performance benefit whatsoever unless your engine is making enough power to require it. The more aggressive friction material will only wear the flywheel and pressure plate friction surfaces faster, requiring another clutch change sooner than a regular clutch would need. It won't make you go faster. It won't make you launch harder. It will transmit more shock to your transmission and engine. An aggressive clutch is like a magnum condom. It sounds impressive, but if you don't have the necessary equipment for it, it will offer no benefit, and poorer performance than a less impressive product. Stick with what is appropriate for your equipment.

Also, changing a clutch is fairly involved, but not actually difficult. It is easily done in an afternoon (or a weekend, if you're slow like me). Especially if you have a friend or two to help hold things or hand you tools. There are a few writeups on here. A professional will likely charge $300-$600 to do a clutch job.

When you (or your mechanic) refill the fluid, many people prefer GM Synchromesh (AC Delco Synchromesh now, I believe... get it at your local GM dealer) over Honda's current MTF. Either way, those are the two most popular fluids. Some other fancy stuff may be fine, but unnecessary. Cheaper stuff is likely to lead to grinding gears and accelerated synchronizer wear.

I'd be wary of other problems, as the seller's description seems like he/she knew absolutely nothing at all about the car.

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Clutch sticked open?
Maybe it's a hydraulic issue and not a clutch issue.

Runs, starts and shifts good, but doesn't accelerate in gear?
How can the seller determine if it shifts good if they can't drive it?

Bearing and clutch plate open?
Sounds like they diagnosed the car over the internet.

Can you ask the seller for a bit more detail and report back?

YouTube Clicky!!
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