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Exclamation help with diagnose my problem

so this past saturday i was driving my 91 ex and was running just fine. i got home and shut it off and went to move it about 3 hours later, all it would do is turn over. well i had new spark plugs, ngk, ive been waiting to install, so i put those in along with new wires. right off still would not start. so i had some one try to start it to check for spark. it fired right up with out a problem, i let it run for about 5 minutes and no problem.
i went out the next morning it did not start again. i again checked for spark and its there. i have changed out the cap and rotor. ive tried a couple other main relays. everytime trying to start it i can smell fuel coming out the exhaust. when i go to prime it i can hear to click from the main relay. i did try starting it with starter fluid, it will start up and run just fine until the starter fluid is gone, then shuts off.

i cant think of anything else to check.
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fleetw00d is very helpful fleetw00d is very helpful
Check the fuel pressure at the left end (driver side) of the fuel rail. Depending on the year and model, it should be in the 30-40 psi range. If low, change the fuel filter. If still low, pinch off the fuel return line, the pressure should go to about 60. If still low, you probably need a pump (in the tank).

Are you installing used relays, or known good (new) ones?
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jy ones
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I expect a moderator will jump on this thread soon if you don't change your title to something a bit more descriptive of your problem...

Thank you for using punctuation, but capitals would also make it easier to read your post. The lack of capitals isn't helping my headache...
Regards from Oz,
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