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CB7tuner.com Rules (Updated December 14th, 2007)

These rules apply to the entire board, not just Off Topic. They are here because 1) most people visit OT occasionally, and 2) OT has no true rules other than those that govern the rest of the board. These are the overall rules of conduct. Each section of this forum (such as Classifieds or Member's Rides) may have more detailed rules in additon to these here.

I figured I would make this a little more clear than the previous rules.

First off, the cb7tuner.com staff (admin, moderators, and various support staff) FULLY understand their duties, and are given permission to use their powers at their discretion. I trust my moderators to determine what is suitable for this board and what is not.

It is assumed that all members have read these rules. I am not responsible for your ignorance.

Now for the rules.

1) RESPECT. Respect each other. That broad statement covers a whole lot... and it is the single most important rule there is. No direct attacks (flaming) on a person, their car, or what they say. If you have a problem with someone, speak to a moderator and we will remove that problem if we see fit. Any attacks or disrespectful acts will result in YOU being removed.
Keep in mind things such as:
-Health (mental health included)
This is a car forum. Everything else is extra, and is not needed. If something non-car-related is causing stress to even ONE member, it's gone. End of story.
I feel this should be added, lengthy as it may be:
No Racial/Sexual slurs. Most people have enough sense not to call anyone "******", "****", "*****", etc... However, it does happen on occasion. We have a no-tolerance policy on this board regarding such things. Anything like that will result in a ban based on the banning moderator's judgement. It may very well be permanent.
More common slurs are the sexual slurs. The most irritating of all is "***". When a man is attracted to another man, he is ***. When someone puts an unpainted body kit on their CB7, that is not ***. That is poor taste. That is ugly. That is stupid. That is not ***. I know it's a common phrase, so I won't act as harshly as I would with others... but I'd appreciate it if that usage could disappear from this board altogether.
Other sexual slurs that WILL be dealt with harshly are terms like "***got", "***", "homo", etc... Basically, anything relating to someone's sexual orientation that is used as an attack.

2) Keep one-on-one conversations to a private level... If someone's PM box is full, email them. If their email address is not availible, PM me and I will contact them for you if the matter is important. Any "Member, clear your PM box" threads will be deleted.

3) Post in the correct forums, and in the correct fashion. If you do not, your post may be moved OR deleted. That is up to the moderator who does the deed.

4) Offensive threads not labeled *NWS* (not work safe) will be removed. That includes any thread that contains nudity, extreme violence, or highly visible profanity. Anything overly offensive (ie. illegal... child porn, bestiality, hate propaganda) will result in an immediate ban without warning.
Please refrain from using profanity in thread titles. People often view this site in environments where such language is not acceptable. Any threads with obscene language in the title will be removed.

5) SIGNATURES!!! You are allowed a personalized signature. Each signature may contain text and/or pictures totalling no more than 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height. Anything over will be removed and you will be notified. ANY offensive content in your signature (picture OR text) will be removed by a moderator and you will be notified. Repeat offenses will result in a temporary (and eventually permanent) ban.
No flaming of other members is allowed in signatures, just as in posts. That goes for "scammer" sigs as well. Protect yourself and you won't get scammed. Flaming in signatures will be removed, and a ban may be issued at the moderator's discretion.
SIGNATURES MAY NOT CONTAIN OFFENSIVE IMAGES OR LANGUAGE! That is your warning. Any signature deemed offensive by a moderator will be removed without warning. This can include anything political, religious, sexual, violent, profane, or drug related.

If you your signature is removed, either accept it, or PM a staff member to find out why it was removed (they may or may not respond... please be polite.) Any public complaining about a signature being removed will result in the loss of signature privileges altogether.

These rules may be added to. I will try to keep them simple and straightforward. Any updates WILL be shown in the title (as in "Updated February 19, 2006"). Not knowing the rules is no excuse for not following them. They are common sense anyway, so you should be acting accordingly without even having to read them!

Finally, keep in mind that this is NOT a democracy. I respect the opinions of the members here, but in the end, the moderators and I make the decisions. If you have a problem, a respectful email, PM, or IM is always welcome. If you don't like the way things run around here, you are free to leave.

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