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Fuel injector suggestion for small turbo

I've seen a couple of fuel injector-related threads on here in the past few weeks so I thought I'd share something I've found while researching. The RDX injectors are commonly suggested as a decent injector for Honda applications because of their slightly increased fuel flow capabilities, as well as their relatively inexpensive price. What's also touted fairly often is their vastly improved spray pattern. I've even claimed as much myself. All of this is true. It does do all of these things well.

However, I believe there is a better injector available now that edges out the RDX injectors in terms of its benefits. The '13-'14 Ford GT500 injectors are even higher capacity AND are Bosch EV14-based. EV14 is the platform that all of the Injector Dynamics, FIC, Deatschwerks, etc. injectors are based on which is a proven design for high HP applications. They are also very capable when operating in the lower range of their duty cycle, allowing them to idle better than many older injectors. Especially the Keihin injectors these cars came with.

Here they are

RockAuto seems to be the best place to find them as they have them for $31.79/each.

They will still require hats to fit them into the OEM rail, as well as adapter harnesses or for you to modify your factory wiring harness to change to an USCAR-style clip. They are 57 LB/HR injectors which translates to 600cc/min.
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dbsharp is cool... so far.
you can also get the light blue older wrx injectors and decap them. this will yield a 815cc injector that works great with our stock rail and intake ports
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