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wtfisafleek is cool... so far.
Bro, the paintless dent repair guy has some creepy hands

This method of dent repair always seemed kinda snake-oily to me, but after watching some of these videos online, I'm captivated. One thing I haven't seen addressed though is how the metal's elasticity has been changed by all the stretching back and forth.

I used to work at a body shop and I'd seen dents pushed out and worked on before on a bigger scale, and the metal has become stretched. I think of how you can just barely press on a fender that's been dented and pulled out, and it will buckle and the slightest push. They sometimes pop right back for some weird reason that I can't explain, but that strength that was there before is gone.

Does anyone know if paintless dent repair might induce some of this? Otherwise, I'm gonna start poppin out some dents, Lord knows my car needs it. I watched this video last night and it perfectly illustrates how some of this is done. Other than his hands creeping me out, I thought this was really informative.

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F22Chris is very helpful F22Chris is very helpful
The video made me feel weird. It's like a socially awkward Seinfeld character doing PDR videos.

The strength you should worry about is in the skeleton of the door & the crumple zones right?

I was watching vids like this a few years back, and one dude used popcorn kernels with a heat gun to pop out a dent. THAT was "snake oil" PDR for sure. I wuz liek
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