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Night Wolf
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Lightbulb List Your Games!

Alright fellow gamers, lets see what games you got for all your systems...

Heres my list...

Mario kart
Super mario world
Home alone
Zombies ate my neighbors

South park
007 T.W.I.N.E.
Turok 2
Madden 2002
Zelda O.o.T.
Zelda M.M.
DK 64
WCW/NWO revenge
Cruisin' exotica
Diddy kong racing
Super smash bros.
Perfect dark
Mario kart 64
Starfox 64
Super mario 64
South park rally
Mario party 3
Banjo kazooie
Banjo Tooie

Super smash bros. melee
Rampage total destruction
Mario super star baseball
Mario kart double dash
Sonic mega collection
Zelda wind walker
Super mario sunshine
Mario party 4

New super mario bros wii
Resident evil 4
Tony hawk shred
Wii music
Super paper mario
Zelda Twilight princess
Donkey kong country returns
Mario kart wii
Super mario galaxy 1
Wii sports

Pokemon blue
Pokemon red
Pokemon yellow
Pokemon silver

Gameboy Advanced...
Pokemon sapphire
Super mario advanced

Zelda phantom hour glass
Sim city DS
Sonic rush
Diddy kong racing DS
Super mario 64 DS
New super mario Bros.
Mario kart DS

Max payne
Halo 2
Need for speed most wanted
Wreckless the yakuza missions
Tom claneys splinter cell
Soul caliber 2
Midway arcade treasures 3
Tony hawks american wasteland
Madden 2004
Oddworld munchs oddysee
Forza motorsport 1
Turok evolution
Stubbs the zombie in rebel without a cause
Simpsons road rage
Grabbed by the ghoulies
Def jam fight for NY
Driver parallel lines
Midway arcade treasures
Max payne 2 the fall of max payne
Crash nitro kart
NBA live 2006
Dead or alive 3
Grand theft auto san andreas

Xbox 360...
Grand theft auto 5
Assassins creed 3
Call of duty balck OPs 2
Call of duty modern warfare 3
Monopoly streets
Kinetics sports season 2
Your shape fitness evolved
Zumba fitness rush
Dance central
Kinetics adventures
Assassins creed revelations

Grand theft auto 2
Gran turismo 2
Tony Hawk PS2
Grand theft auto 1
Pizza hut demo disk 1
Pizza hut demo disk 2
PS magazine demo disk 50

PS magazine marvel nemesis demo disk
Gran turismo 4
Twisted metal black
MVP baseball 2004
Auto modellista
Midway arcade treasures 2
Grand theft auto liberty city stories
Tokyo xtreme racer zero
Mortal kombat deadly alliance
Tekken tag tournament
Spyro enter the dragonfly
Grand theft auto san andreas
Tokyo xtreme racer 3
Tokyo xtreme racer drift
Rebel raiders operation nighthawlk
DT racer

Little big planet 2 special edition
Medal of honor limited edition
Ratchet and clank all 4 one
Grand theft auto 4
Grand theft auto 5

Sonic classics

Zoo tycoon w/ all expansion packs
Grand theft auto san andreas
Roller coaster tycoon 1 w/ all expansion packs
Sims 1 w/ all expansion packs
Grand theft auto vice city
Hard truck 2
Sim city 4 w/ expansion pack

93 Accord LX Sedan (sold)-01 Civic LX Sedan (sold)-93 Accord EX Wagon (totaled)
93 Accord SE Sedan (sold)-95 Accord LX Wagon (CURRENT)-92 Accord EX Sedan (sold)
93 Accord SE Coupe (sold)-97 Accord SiR Wagon (CURRENT)-05 Impreza WRX Sedan-(CURRENT)
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BreckAConner is cool... so far.
Too many to list... :P

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Damn... alright, deep breath!

The Italian Job (Rockstar Games ver.)
WWF Smackdown 1 & 2
WWF Attitude
WWF War Zone
WCW Mayhem
WCW Nitro
Driver 2 (reminds me I need to re buy 1; one of my faves)
Dino Crisis
Ridge Racer
Medal of Honor Underground
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-4
Street Sk8er
Gran Turismo 1 & 2
Test Drive 5
Grand Theft Auto 1, London 1969, & 2
Metal Gear Solid
Syphon Filter 1 & 2

Area 51
ATV Off Road Fury 2
Burnout 3
Call of Duty Finest Hour
Champions of Norrath
Ferrari Challenge
The Getaway
God of War 1 & 2
GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas (v1 with hot coffee, lol), Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories
Gran Turismo 3 & 4
Hitman 2, Contracts, Blood Money
Jak & Daxter
LOTR Two Towers
Mat Hoffman BMX 2
Medal of Honor Frontline
Metal Gear 2, 2 Substance, 3 Subsistence LE, Saga 1 & 2 DVDs
Midnight Club 3 Remix
NBA Street 2
NFS Hot Pursuit 2, Underground, U2, Most Wanted, Carbon CE, Pro Street
Outrun 2006
Ratchet & Clank
Prince of Persia
Red Faction
Resident Evil 4
SBK Superbike World Championship
Sly Cooper
SOCOM 1 & 2
Splinter Cell
Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2
Suzuki TT Superbikes
Tekken 4
Test Drive Unlimited
TOCA Race Driver 3
Tokyo Extreme Racer Drift 2
Tony Hawk 3, 4, Underground, U2, American Wasteland CE, Project 8
Tourist Trophy
Twisted Metal Black
V-Rally 3
WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth & Here Comes the Pain
X-Games Skateboarding

Batman Arkham City
Call of Duty 4 MW
Chronicles of Riddick Butcher Bay & Dark Athena
Driver San Francisco
ES4 Oblivion GOTY
GTA 4, 4 Complete Edition, 5
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, 5, 6
Killzone 2 & 3
Metal Gear HD Collection, 4, Ground Zeroes
Midnight Club LA
NFS Shift, Hot Pursuit LE, Most Wanted
Red Dead Redemption
Sonic's Genesis Collection
Test Drive Unlimited 2
Uncharted 1 & 2

Chronicles of Riddick
Dino Crisis 3
ES3 Morrowind
Halo 1, 2 LCE, 2 Multiplayer Map Pack
Project Gotham Racing
Rallisport Challenge
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2
Tony Hawk 2X
True Crime New York

SNES (recent purchase)
Super Mario World
Donkey Kong Country


Pokemon Silver

Super Mario World
Donkey Kong Country
GT3 Advance

Gamecube (recent pickup)
Mario Party 6
Super Smash Bros Melee

Project CB9 AeroR start-up: //////////
Slowly but surely... and gunning for that NA list!

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cp[mike] is very helpful cp[mike] is very helpful cp[mike] is very helpful
of course I have thousands of emulators, but I've never taken a full inventory of my actual classic game collection. I have most of the systems and hundreds of cartridges, and I planned to go through them all while I was visiting my parents house for Christmas but I didn't get a chance. Maybe next year...

- 1993 Accord LX - White sedan (sold)
- 1993 Accord EX - White sedan (wrecked)
- 1991 Accord EX - White sedan (sold)
- 1990 Accord EX - Grey sedan (sold)
- 1993 Accord EX - White sedan (sold)
- 1992 Accord EX - White coupe (sold)
- 1993 Accord EX - Grey coupe (stolen)
- 1993 Accord SE - Gold coupe (sold)
Current cars:
- 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon - Daily driver
- 2004 Chevrolet Express AWD - Camper conversion
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AKA Gillymomo
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Originally Posted by BreckAConner View Post
Too many to list... :P

This doesn't surprise me lol
The CB7 Collector.
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92 LX Coupe F22A1
97 LX Wagon 5-Speed F22B2
92 EX Sedan F22A1
Originally Posted by deevergote View Post
Do you really need to make a thread asking if having your car like this /---\ will cause uneven tire wear? Try walking like that for a few weeks and see if your shoes wear funny! (hint: they will.)
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Don't call me dude.
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deevergote . You'll never be this cool... deevergote . You'll never be this cool... deevergote . You'll never be this cool... deevergote . You'll never be this cool... deevergote . You'll never be this cool... deevergote . You'll never be this cool...
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I haven't seen physical copies of most of my games in over a decade! They're packed away in a box upstairs. I have everything from when I was a kid... dating back to my Atari 2600 (which still works.)

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I dont have my game list.. but for all my systems i have quite a few games.. The consoles i have are:
Sega genisis, game gear, and dreamcast
Nintendo NES, SNES, Gameboy original, gameboy pocket, gameboy color (green), and 2 gameboy advance SP, and N64
Playstaion 1 and 2
Xbox 360
and i think thats it.. working on finding a sega saturn then an atari eventually

8 Accords so far:
'81 SE Sedan(1st Gen), '83 SE Sedan(2nd Gen), '89 SE Sedan(3rd Gen)
'89 DX Sedan(3rd Gen), '92 LX Coupe(4th Gen), '92 EX Wagon(4th Gen)
(3rd gen parts car) I'm currently Driving a '14 Accord Sport 9th Gen
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nintendo , nintendo ds , playstation , psp , xbox

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