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Old 04-09-2004, 08:24 AM   #21
Black Thunder
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HenRoc seems to have made some friends! HenRoc seems to have made some friends!
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Originally posted by Matty B.
It all started in 1992 when my dad bought it brand new. Its a 5spd with 257,xxx on orginal clutch and engine its still runin strong. So as the years passed he said it would somday be mine. And i was like i don't want that slow ass shit. So after learning how to drive stick in it and just driving it i fell in love. But 2 days after i got license i got speeding ticket in it. 64 in a 35. thats when i relized that it wasn't that slow.
Never under estimate the power of a CB7 man

oh yeah since everyone here was paying for their cars I got mine for free! Except I've put about 1500 to keep up...
Henry R
1992 Accord LX R.I.P
1993 Accord EX OG since 'o3
Legend FSM

'You see we human beings are not born with prejudices, always they are made for us,
made by someone who wants something' -1943 US War Department video
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How I Ended Up with the CB7 I Have Today

This is not a "mommy and daddy bought me my car" story...

Once upon a time way back in 1999 (like thats really long ago, but I've owned cars older than some of the people on this site, I'm sure), I was in need of transportation. I found a nice 1990 EX coupe w/98K for sale at a local Honda dealership. I'm usually against purchasing used cars at a dealership, just because they usually end up raping you on the price and financing, and they're such a hassle to deal with. Regardless, I needed something reliable so I did the 3 hour talk-down of the price of the car from their asking price of $5995 to $4400 (that's just over 25% so I thought I did well), took out a loan and I was good, made my payments (at 15.9%...yuck), did the clear front lenses, flowmaster muffler, etc.

Until... *insert 'grandma just died in a sappy chick flick music' here*

On Jan 21 of 2001, I was sitting at an traffic light left turn lane second car back, when the Renegade in front of me stops in the middle of the insection, missing the green light and arrow (it was now red), throws the Jeep into reverse, comes flying back, and impales my car on his trailer hitch. Not a scratch on the Jeep, but the insurance adjuster declared my car totalled (I went to the towing yard to get my stereo and half-stripped the car of anything small I could sell on eBay). The insurance company cut me a check for $5200, which was more than what I paid for the car.

It was now Feb of 2001 and I was again in need of transportation (our 2nd car, a 1988 Volvo 240 had been stolen and wrecked just before Thanksgiving). At the same dealership I bought the 90 EX from, my wife and I laid eyes upon 3 cars that caught our eye, number one being a 1994 EX coupe in black with woodgrain dash/doors but cloth interior for $7995 with 100k on it. My wife liked the car and were going to go in the next day to 'do business' with the dealership. We got there about noon and they had already sold the car an hour or so before- frustrating as hell.

We saw 2 others we liked there and test drove them. One was a 94 Altima with leather, HUD speedo, badass stereo, the works and only 40k on it for $9995 (too much), and the other car was a 1993 10th Anniversary Edition in Frost White with 71K hiding in the corner behind a bunch of newly arrived CRVs. We took the car for a test and were pleased. The asking price for it was $8995. We took it to be checked out at a local shop that we trust and they found all the brake pads needed replacing as well as the rotors, the radiator had a crack on the top of the tank, and the oil pan gasket was leaking. We went back to the dealer and said what we found wrong with the car and tried to talk him down to the going rate for a car with that mileage and condition, which was $7250. We settled on an even $8000, tt&l, out the door with financing, and getting the vehicle's problems repaired by them. They were even nice enough to replace one of the six spoke alloy rims that had clearcoat flaking off of it...keep in mind that this was a Honda dealership that did this. We paid off the car in a year (goings were tight, but dammit we wanted the car paid off) and have happily had it ever since.

*insert 'happy ending music' here*

I think the next car we are going to get is going to be a late 90s Volvo turbo wagon. We have 2 girls, so function must come over form, and we refuse to buy a minivan or SUV.

In my sig is a pic of the 93 10AE.
Former: 90 Accord EX Coupe, 93 10th Anniversary in Frost White

1985 Volvo 245 manualk [IPD lowering springs, IPD sway bars, OEM Virgo wheels, 1977 quad round headlights, 1978 grill]
2008 Ford Escape XLT [bone stock]
2015 Toyota Prius Three with solar roof [rear diffuser, Vision Cross wheels... cheaper than steelies!]
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How the projek began

My fam has always been a honda driving family since the 83 civic. That civic lasted up till about 90 cuz my mom ran it in the dirt. So my parents bought a 91 brown accord lx. It was nice, but for some reason they traded it for a 93 arcadia green lx. Its been in the family ever since. I always knew it'd be mine. I used to drive it in high school and all my friends loved it.

So it finally became mine 2 years ago, and within those 2 years it has seen new rims, suspension, engine swap, and countless radios. Some guy asked me how much I would sell it for this past weekend. I had to let him know, It will never be for sale!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... DOHC
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Bought my baby about 4 yrs ago, right when i started college. I had just sold my high 14sec Nissan Maxima b/c of tranny problems and needed a car to commute back and forth to college in as well as travel to boston every month. My neighbors ( a very young family jsut starting out) had just bought a 6th gen and had their 92 coupe for sale. Now, i wasn't really into it at first b/c it was auto and i had always had manuals and i loved banging gears. After test driving it one autumn morning i was in love.

The lady was friends with my mom, and it had a dented driver side fender and a cracked windshield so i got it for 2k. This was the best purchase i ever made, and consider it an investment. She has served me well because i treat her well :-)

P.S.: cpmike, you are maaaaad stalkerish
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Black Thunder
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HenRoc seems to have made some friends! HenRoc seems to have made some friends!
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Served you well eh? Just what did you do to treat her right jk
Henry R
1992 Accord LX R.I.P
1993 Accord EX OG since 'o3
Legend FSM

'You see we human beings are not born with prejudices, always they are made for us,
made by someone who wants something' -1943 US War Department video
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cp[mike] is very helpful cp[mike] is very helpful cp[mike] is very helpful
This was a fun blast from the past. Lot of old names and memories in here, and some cool stories about people finding their CB7s!

- 1993 Accord LX - White sedan (sold)
- 1993 Accord EX - White sedan (wrecked)
- 1991 Accord EX - White sedan (sold)
- 1990 Accord EX - Grey sedan (sold)
- 1993 Accord EX - White sedan (sold)
- 1992 Accord EX - White coupe (sold)
- 1993 Accord EX - Grey coupe (stolen)
- 1993 Accord SE - Gold coupe (sold)
Current cars:
- 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon - Daily driver
- 2004 Chevrolet Express AWD - Camper conversion
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Should we bring it back to life? I love seeing how many OGs from this thread are still active on here.
*** Think of others before thinking of yourself. ***
********** Spread love, not hate. ***********
****Lift others up with kind and helpful words****

F20A_CB7, I miss you, but I will see you one day.
"Nothing a little prayer can't fix."

Selling on Ebay!

15.10 @ 90.42mph
The quest for 9s ceased, now the goal is a circuit track monster!
Current fastest Laguna Seca Lap: 1:55.317
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I'll add to this old thread. :P

I started my search months prior. with no job, but I was determined to get my car. I landed a security job, started saving up. I found a few for sale pretty cheap, when I had 700,grandma died and I just gave mom the money so she can fly to Puerto rico for the burial stuff.

I was back at zero. started saving up again. around early july 2012, I had 12 window tabs open of CBs. Come july 20th I narrowed it down to 2. both were 1500, both had fogs, both had clean quarters. one automatic and one standard. but they didn't have AC, that turned me away, but I figure ill just fix it.

July 23rd I was going to check out one of the CBs, I opened craigslist up again, did a search and I found my current one. it was love at first sight. I called the dude up and told him ill be there the next day.

I called the whole world and no one can come with me to check the car out. I ended up calling mom, she came with me, we took the train, walked 30minutes and as I neared the destination my heart started pumping. I turned the corner and onto a auto repair shop lot and there she was all by herself. " for sale " and specs written allover her windows.

I tossed the guy 1500 (folded into rubberbands) and told him ill take it. Mom said lets test drive it.

she drove smooth, I was smiling hard.I knew I wanted it. I ended up buying her. I didn't know how to drive standard so mom drove it home.

for 1500 - I bought a 1992 Honda accord ex sedan. No fogs. rust. some bubbles. no AC, engine smoked ( guess the guy did a minor fix so it wont show up on the test run), and had a bad wheel bearing, a bad BMC...yeah.... I do wonder what happen to those clean CBs I happily tossed aside.

to this day, She has a swapped healthy F22a6, Fogs, and some extra goodies.
15 oil pans later. a crap ton of axles. a snow boulder crushing her right front, and ton load of pullovers.. she treats me great.

I call her Christine. named after the old movie which was called " Christine. ". Bought her officially july 24th ( idiot seller screwed up on title, had to return the next day to register her and drive her home)

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H311RA151N seems to have made some friends! H311RA151N seems to have made some friends!
Growing up my dad bought a 1991 Accord when I was 4 or 5. So I grew up riding in a Honda Accord most of the time. I ended up owning several other Accords until I eventually acquired the one I have now.

I had been in a car accident in March of 2010. Lost almost everything I owned. I lost my only car due to the wreck and my job because I could no longer work. I lost my apartment and most of my belongings, my '95 Suzuki Katana along with everything else in my storage building. I had to move in with my girlfriends parents who had to drive me to my doctors appointments for 6 months while I was almost completely bedridden. I about lost my right leg and was having problems with blood clots. And I was in a ton of debt due to medical bills.

It was October of 2010 when my Dad called me and said he had bought a car he'd sell me for $500 and to pay him when I could. About 2 weeks later I was able to start using crutches and begin to fix the issues with it as I could. I got it road worthy in a few days and have drove it ever since. It was the main thing that helped me get my life somewhat put back together. It had 180K on it then and has 250k on it now.
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Guy Smiley
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AccordWarrior is very helpful AccordWarrior is very helpful AccordWarrior is very helpful
I posted in this thread 10 years ago!.

I'm coming up on 7 years w/o it too. It's crazy to think how long ago that felt...yet it's all so fresh.

Part of me still grumbles I didn't get a chance to buy that black on black Integra...
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Guess I could add to this thread.

So it's my senior year, and I really wanted a car. Not just any car though, my mother had bought a 1991 honda accord coupe brand new, in 91. So I grew up with a CB in the family. Around 2006 the car finally took a dump and died. I had always had a special place for that car so I knew, when I was getting my car. I'd most likely be getting one almost if not identical to the one I grew up with.

I searched high and low for 1990/91 Honda accord coupes, in midnight blue (Madison blue pearl) with ivory interior. To no avail did I ever find a coupe. Most were beat up sedans and the occasional wagon. So I tried to find 9091 coupes with ivory interior and sunroofs. I found one, in July of 2012 right before senior year started all for $850 but moms made me pass it up after she offered me her car.

Still all throughout my senior year I was searching high and low for EX CB coupes with ivory interior. Finally I lucked out when I graduated and found a 1993 LX coupe for the low low AND it had ivory interior, but it was Arcadia green. No probs though, it was about as close to what I wanted anyway. It had a 9091 front end. It had a knocking engine, but when I test drove it, it purred as smooth as a kitten, and shifted fine. The oil light flashed and I thought the guy was an idiot for selling it so cheap becuase it didn't have oil in the crankcase.

So I buy it, check the oil levels after I put in 2qts and I think I'm good to go. I get 15 minutes down the road and all I hear is metal on metal and a loud pop afterwards. Well there goes cylinder #1.

Fast foward a couple months, I've sourced another F22a1 for $250 and get it installed for $300. I leave for school but we couldn't get it to crank. Turns out a few ecu harnesses weren't connected. Then the fuel injector o rings were shot, replaced those, then the dizzy went bad, replaced that....with another bad dizzy, then the trans started shifting hella hard. Then I realized how much money I spent on the car and on repairs and then seat time I had with it. I decided to part ways with it sadly, I picked up a sweet 5 speed CD5 coupe a week after I sold my CB.

I'll always love my first CB, I'll eventually get back into one.
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My CB7 came my way from a guy who was going to give it to his stepdaughter. She wanted more of a newer civic than an older accord, so he was getting ready to drag it to the scrapyard. I paid him the scrap value of the car and rescued it. Spent a few months rebuilding it, and made it my daily driver for a few years until I was able to afford something a little newer. Kept the old girl around, still have her to this day. I'll never give her up! The dude and I are no longer friends, but I keep the car.

My Cars: 2006 Ford Freestyle - 1990 Accord EX - 2001 Accord EXV6 Coupe - 1967 Impala "Metallicar" (for the wife)
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Ha! How do you revive a thread that's so old it died twice?!?!? lol

Anyways, hello to all the OG's! I've had 2 more accords since the first one and still own the last one. I know these cars very well so it's hard not to keep one as a second car.
Knowledge is power...in EVERY sense of the word

FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" #12
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I bought my first Cb7 in 2004 from an auction and I fell in love with it. It was a 1990 accord lX with 92000 miles. I customized it as a show car and as fate would have it military orders overseas forced me to sell it. 7 months ago, I saw an add on Craigslist could a 92 in good condition. I drove 2 hours only to find out that it had been in a cornfield for a year or longer had a sheep, a dog and a bunch of other critters living in it and it didn't run ( Craigslist add said it did). I didn't have the heart to leave it there so I pulled it out, fought her home and have been working on her ever since. I will always have a Cb7 from here on out..no doubt about it.
Procrastination is a THIEF of time!!



My First CB7


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crazymikey is very helpful crazymikey is very helpful
Bought my 91 SE on Christmas day 2009 for $800. My '87 Grand Am died due to a headgasket failiure on the highway and I limped it home, and then limped it to the wreckers where it promptly seized in the parking lot.

I had a $1000 budget to buy a replacement car. Never owned a Honda in my life. Scouring the classifieds I came across a silver '91 Accord advertised for $800. Called the guy and looked at it. Test drove it and fell in love. Didn't even haggle the price, I loved the car so much I threw my money at him and drove away smiling.

Ended up having the car for about 6 months. Lowered it, put rims on it and did quite a bit of work to it. For some reason I had the urge to sell it, and for answers unknown, I traded it straight across for the worst car I have ever owned. A 1991 VW Jetta. This car looked hot. Trophy GTX Recaros, GTI front end conversion, lowered, Enkei rims. Every time I drove it, something broke or went wrong. It spent so much time being repaired that I bought a 1989 Mazda 323 hatch for $300 to drive as a spare car.

Obviously I had immediately regretted getting rid of the Accord. That was May 2010 that I sold it. From that time on, I always checked Kijiji and Craigslist seeing if it would ever pop up. Then came the fateful day I found it in September 2011 and 6 hours away. The owner was selling it due to mechanical issues he couldn't deal with and desperately needed a car. At the time, I was driving a '91 EX-R (the Granite Metallic one with the JDM 1pc lights). I offered the seller to trade straight across, and he agreed.

I drove almost 6 hours up to Edmonton to get the car. I arrived and the car was absolutely trashed. Driver seat ripped. My 18" wheels were bald, bent and 2 were in the trunk with 14" Prelude wheels on the front. Paint peeling off, front lip missing. Compared to the way I used to keep it, the car looked like junk. I was told it had electrical issues and the battery kept dying and needed the alternator replaced.

I ended up doing the trade with him and began to drive the car 6 hours back home. Not even 30 minutes into my drive the car started losing power and died on the side of the road. Luckily, CB7Tuner members are awesome, and I was able to get ahold of local member Antonio7566 who came to my rescue to get the car up and running again on the side of the road. We discovered the power wire for the alternator was frayed and not connecting, leaving the car running on battery power only. We were able to limp the car back to his house where we got it fixed up and good enough to drive home. Thanks to his efforts to help out a complete stranger, he saved me a huge headache and a lot of money for a tow truck. By the time my car was fixed at his house, it was already midnight and I decided to drive home anyways.

I got about 4 hours into my drive back and was so exhausted that I slept in the car at a truck stop for a few hours. I should mention I left at about 8am to go pick up the car and had been awake now for over 20 hours and driven over 1000km.

I managed to get the car home and immediately started getting it fixed up for round 2 of ownership. I was so happy to have it back and restore it to the way it was, if not better. Unfortunately, after 3 months, I lost my job and was forced to sell the car to make some quick money. I managed to sell it for $2500 to a local guy. A few weeks later he was involved in a minor accident, damaging the front of the car. For $500, I repaired it the best I could. He drove this car from November 2011 til just recently when I discovered it in the junk yard a few weeks ago. When I went back to the wreckers yesterday, the car was crushed and stacked in a pile sandwiched between a Ford Ranger and Dodge Ram.

RIP dear CB7. You went through hell and back. Now you can drive in CB7Heaven.
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