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DIY: Paint your car: Stage 1 Prep

First of all, so that everyone knows, i dont have any pics. ill try to see if i could find some tho. so this diy is just food for the idea. from here your off on your own.

Clean, well ventilated area. If its messy, clean it up.
Air compressor: and must or else your aint going to get anything done.
Air tools, DA sander 6", you'll need 220-320-400 grit pads. get them in rolls
Small 2" air sander with hard grit about like 180-220, to get to the bare metal on dents.
Air chuck, for blowing off the dust
Bondo board and spatula (get the metal one to put it onto the board, then the yellow plastics to apply it)
Flexable rubber sanding pad (this is good on edges, ill explain why later)
Tools: like screw drivers, and sockets and ratches, to take off bumpers, fenders etc.

Ok it really comes down to what you want to paint: whole car or just exterior

Painting your whole car:

Take off: bumpers, headlights, hood, trunk, doors, taillights, windsheild moldings, mirrors, fenders.

Start sandind the whole body with 400 grit on the door james with the flexable rubber pad. this way you get all the clear off at once. if you dont use this pad it creates a step in the paint, because your fingers are not even. so on the one side of your hand you might get more clear off then the other side.

on the roof and quarters use the da sander. make sure your dont use it on edges. you dont want to get to the bare metal. on the edges use your hands with the pad.

make sure your car has no clear on it.

after your done with that, take the clear off the body parts, dont worry about the inside of the hood and trunk. their painted a different color than the outside. take all the clear off the doors, mirrors, fenders, everything. there shouldnt be any shiny spots.

now if you got rust, ill make another thread for that.

it you got dents. use the small air sander to take off the paint and about 2-3 inches around the dent. use the air chuck to remove all dust. mix bondo and hardener. if its a small dent use a small amount of bondo and about a pinky finger tip area of hardener. mix good. then use the yellow spatula to apply to car. remember, in warm temps, bondo dries quicker. to work fast.

after bondo has been dried up (wait about 5-10 mins to dri in 60+ temps, i usually do other things during this time). use 220 grit and sand till it smooths out. then use 320 grit, to smooth out surface. glide your hand accords the area and make sure its flat, no bumps or holes.

after all sanding work is done, are chuck the whole car. take the car outside and hose down the place with water to clean your area.

your ready to almost start painting. check to see my other thread for stage 2 prep for paint
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