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ENG: Setting TPS

Setting the TPS (throttle position sensor) implies you have made it adjustable from factory preset condition.


- Remove the TB from engine.
- Use a cut-off wheel/dremel to make a slot across both factory screws.
- Use flat-head screwdriver to remove.
- Buy 2 screws from hardware store to replace, reinstall TPS with news screws only finger tight.
- Reinstall TB onto engine and connect electrically.


- You will set TPS to 0.45V at TB throttle closed position.
- TPS needs to be electrically connected.
- Turn key to ignition "II" position.
- Multimeter red probe (backprobe) into red w/blk strip wire at driver-side upper shock mount connector.
- Multimeter black probe on negative battery terminal.
- Multimeter set to voltage (you'll be measuring 5V max).
- With probes set, multimeter should read somewhere 0-5V.
- Loosen TPS screws, rotate until 0.45V and snug screws.
- Move onto setting base idle, then base ignition timing.

Reference DIY stickies for base idle & ignition timing procedure below:



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XcluziveAZN is cool... so far.
can someone take a picture where the red probe go into?
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FYI, the screws that hold the bracket on the automatic TB's for the other throttle cable fit PERFECTLY for replacing the rivets on the TPS, as do the 2 larger screws holding the spring assembly onto the IAB plate on a6 and h23 IM's
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Could you give the exact size of the 2 screws? I only have one car and cannot take the screws to the store to size fit while the TPS is off.

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what's the benefit ?!
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