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EXT: Bumper Removal and Projector Install

Disclaimer: This is my first tutorial so if I made some errors or was not clear enough please do not flame me.

Installing Projectors on a 1992 Honda Accord Coupe Ex…..

Removing the front Bumper

1. Remove the two bumper bolts as seen in pictures A and B. There is one on the left and one on the right side(Pictures C,D). I removed my battery and radiator overflow for this so it was easier to remove the bolt. The driver’s side bolt can be reached with a socket. As for the passenger side, an open end wrench must be used, and it is very tight spacing so you must have some patience with it. I believe both the bolts are 12mm.

A :

B :

C :

D :

2. There are two screws on the both sides (total of 4) in the inner front fenders that must be removed. (Picture E)

E :

3. Next, the bumper lights can be removed by a simply unscrewing a screw (Picture F). Make sure you take both off. There will be a connector that you must disassemble to remove the lights completely (Pictures G and H)

F :

G :

H :

4. There are “quick clips” (Picture I) (15 or so) underneath the head lights and all the way across the top of the bumper that I am not sure I had to remove or not. I don’t think you should have to. If when you try and remove the bumper and there is a lot of resistance from them you can remove them. The only reason I was able to get to them was because the previous got into an accident and the bumper is bent slightly down. I don't think you would be able to if you front end was not damaged.

I :
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5. If you look through the hole that the bumper lights came out of you will see this two brackets on both sides. There will be 2 bolts securing each of the brackets on both sides (I believe these were 10mm), and I used a 12 in. extension with a socket wrench to bring it outside the bumper. There is one of these for each side, make sure to remove both. (Pictures H and K)

H :

K :

6. After this is all done you should be able to remove the bumper. It helps if you have a person for each side. These rods (Picture L) are what you unbolted first and they slide through a sleve so you might get a little resistance if you have never removed the bumper before. (Picture M)

L :

M :

Removing the Old Headlights

1. There are 4 screws and 1 bolt that need to be removed (Picture N). On top of the headlight you will see a rather large adjusting screw (sorry no picture, but it should be very obvious). If I remember correctly you should have access to the corner lights now, which are held in by one bolt/screw. Remove the bulbs and both the headlight and corner light should come out.

N :

2. There will be a black shell left. We are given a new one with the projectors so we can get rid of the old one. I believe there were 5 bolts. Two on top, two on the bottom, and one on the side under the corner light. This step is pretty straight forward and shouldn’t be too difficult. The grill will also need to be removed for the black brackets to come out.
(Pictures O and P)

O :

P :

Installing the Driver’s side Projector

1. You are usually not given the bolt and screws needed to mount the new light in so you will be using the old ones, or replacing them with new ones.

2. ***Really helps to have two people for this step*** First thing is to make sure the connectors are all plugged in. Next, I would check to make sure all your bulbs are good by putting the battery back in. It is a pain to remove the headlight again just to find out a blub is loose or broken. If your projectors have 5 connectors coming out of the back of it with only 4 to plug into then you must connect them in parallel. If you don’t understand this email me and I can answer in more detail. Basically, the extra connector gets plugged back into the projector, it’s very easy.

3. Slide the projector into place and bolt her on. There will only be 5 bolts to secure the headlight with so make sure they are tight. My car has front end damage so the projectors did not fit flush (DOH!) (Pictures Q and R)

Q :

R :

4. Hook your battery back up again and check to see if the low beam, high beam, corner lights, and blinkers are working. If they are you did it right! (Picture S)

S :

Install the Passenger’s side Projector

1. This step is the same except for a minor modification. I had to cut my air intake because the projector stuck out too far. I used a utility knife to hack away at it. This could be from the front end damage. (Picture T)

T :


1. Make sure you secure your battery, grill, and radiator reservoir.
(Picture U)

U :

If you have any questions at all you can Email me at AccordAnimal@Yahoo.com
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way to go dude those are my old lights dam they look so clean i miss em


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schweet, yea i like um. A lot of people don't prefer the chrome, but I like um
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nice write-up man...but some of the pics arent working
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Sorry about that man. I will work with FrontPage a lil. I am sure it is some publishing BS
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good DIY! but the bumper one was already made and you had extra steps in yours which are unnecessary and may confuse others (i.e. "quick clips" and the inner front fender screws). here is the link: http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=959

as for removing the headlights, once the bumper is off, all you need to remove are 5 10mm bolts. this holds the "shell" with the lense attached. you don't need to separate the shell from the lense. i'm sure you already figured that one out . other than that, great job!
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