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OEM Jacks: NOT for car repair-RIP Tom

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    As Rich said, putting some wheels under the frame is always a good idea as well.

    When uslspct and I were in a junkyard a few months back, we found some wheels/tires lying around. We stuck them under a car when we went under to get a rear mount off. the car was already supported by some welded steelies, but in case they failed, at least the car would have something else to land on. That simple precaution could be the difference between injury and death.


      Man that is crazy sad......Me and a friend almost learned this the hard way ourself about a month ago. We jacked up his car real quick to change the oil and figured it would be fine since it would be real quick. We went in to get a drink of water when we heard a loud crash.....The jack had slipped out and the car fell. Theres no reason all of us have to face close calls before jack stands are being used. Save yourself some trauma and be safe from the start.


        thats horrible.. sorry man


          Damn RIP man..

          i only just the jack when im not getting under the car.

          Ride: 2002 Lexus IS300


            how the hell does that happen?
            I <3 G60.

            0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


              some of the BAP guys had a cruise with R.I.P Tom on there cars, it was a really nice thing for them to do.


                answer wes: not testing to see if the car is steady on the jack.

                i push my car hard before i get under it to see if it wiggles. i would much rather break the car than my head

                rip to you tom

                im going to get jackstands tomorrow

                smoke tires, not drugs.


                  Originally posted by wed3k
                  how the hell does that happen?
                  people get lazy and dont use "jack stands" they alone use just "jacks." i had this experience while trying to put on some coilovers. the cars shifted sideways and bent the shiet out of the stock oem jack.

                  whenever i remove a tire, i always lay it under the frame of the vehicle for safety purposes.

                  and people need to remember that after they have jacked up a vehicle, then put it on "jack stands," test the stability of the vehicle by pushing down on all 4 corners of the car, making sure that it is supported well and does not rock.

                  JACK STANDS FTW!! and safety


                    damn thats a shame.

                    ...adjust accordingly


                      Hey guys, thank you all for the comment. I was the one who posted that up in BAP. BUt yea, it was a really sad day for his family, friends and everyone. I went to his funeral, which was the pass weekend. He was a young person, a nice and quiet guy.

                      How this happen was the day before the incident, he told his older brother that the cat converter is lose and needs to be tighten up. The following day, when he got off of school, which was my last day seeing him. He went home, Jack up his car with 2 oem jacks. 1 on each side. I guess he started bolting the nuts, that was when he had to use pressure and force to get the nut on tight, the OEM jack cant support it anymore and it fell down on him.

                      If working underneath your car, please use jackstand, if you dont have jackstand then please use your rims. A dent, scratch or bend on the wheel is better then taking a life away. work safe everyone.


                        RIP like they said this is a sad day :-(


                          What a horrible way to go. And way to young. R.I.P.
                          Accidents happen but this is one that didn't have too.
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                          Take that freek show to the park, maybe the squirrels will care.


                            Wow. The first thing my dad said to me when I started working on cars was "Always use jack stands."

                            Sucks he never got the same advice.

                            And if i could swim I'd swim out to you in the ocean
                            Swim out to where you were floating in the dark.


                              RIP tom. it's a bad way to go out. way to young to go.

                              i used to get nervous when i first started working on cars and now i just go under without thinking. i definately need to slow it down and make sure everything is good before i even think about crawling under there. i always always always use jack stands and wheel chocks but you can never be too safe.