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*Pretty neat conversion-97 CD w/ BB6 front*

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    Man that actually looks pretty sick. Although Id still prefer the SiR-T conversion.
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      Originally posted by 604_SE View Post
      i like it... their better be an H under that hood, it'd be sad if it was still their an F
      i agree.

      i think it looks great. it's funny that he kept the accord lip. factory lip kit for the 5th gen prelude looks sick!


        needs to flow better on the sides from the headlight back.
        I <3 G60.

        0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


          Looks almost shopped, but it is sexy


            Originally posted by 91accord4door View Post
            far from a bolt on. need to weld in core support, cut and blend front fenders,you have to use the outer part of the bb6 hood, only the middle part of the accords can be a lot of work blending the 2 hoods is also required, all in all its actually a pretty involved conversion. lots of bodywork.

            oh look its you again,

            and he doesnt have a cb7 he has a Cd5

            I think its possible without alot of work.


              Originally posted by oneoffaccord View Post
              it flows really well. i wish i could see more pics of the side and engine bay. props to the owner
              x2. That's why I don't like cd5s coz it looks imbalanced, the rear is too big for the front. This conversion made it look perfect. Plus the big headlights of the bb6 matched the ones on the cd5.


                its a poor mans prelude


                  Met the guy that did this conversion a month ago, cool guy, bought some stuff from him.

                  Here's his build thread that he posted on Honda-tech, plenty of pics of the conversion.

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                    Neat, Kinda funny that it hasnt gotten painted after all these years.

                    Sold too: Grumpys93, '93CB7Ex, Bunta, prodh22accord, SSMAccord, fleetw00d


                      Don't like the Lude nose, I'd actually wanna swap noses on the Lude maybe for the Accord one

                      Very "overhangy"

                      Originally posted by lordoja
                      im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


                        I don't know, it doesn't look right from the side view. on the work though


                          Overpriced but nice


                            i'd rather have a CL front end on a cd7


                              that is weird, but looks so cool @ the same time!

                              life is good.