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It's time to refresh this site. We need some new ideas, and some new moderators!

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    making a a list of people making X amount of power from X motor with X mods. also i think that if we can items for sale like CB7tuner keychains that might help bring people here and stuff like that seems like it would bring the forum back to life.Maybe also having a section for deal of the day where a specific person can post good deals for parts that they find on the internet.
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      Subforums on DIY would be great! Cleaner and easier to sift through the site rather then going through the search method which brings up multiple irrelevant threads.


        This being a visual age of instagram and facebook, more visuals, like avatars for members' username. People like to take pictures of their ride, maybe a section for that (I first found the site through google images) where people can look at just images of peoples CBs and engines, So you don't have to go through all the member's rides threads just to see the pics, maybe "best pictures" at the top, with sticker give outs (which someone would have to fund) for more promotion.
        And some thing for custom graphic work, like valve covers, airbrush, sharpie, sticker bombs and wraps. Looks like people are into that for older cars. And maybe section for custom interiors; upholstery, lights, gauges, knobs, steeringwheels, etc., custom audio set ups, definitely something for the music, with formatted listing, and sound or video clips. Just some ideas


          Originally posted by pandaaccord View Post
          making a a list of people making X amount of power from X motor with X mods.
          That was setup quite a while ago.
          It can be found in the N/A forum, and Forced Induction forum in the stickies.

          Though I'm not sure how up to date it is anymore.
          Some of those members are no longer active, and there may be new ones that havn't been added.

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            Originally posted by XCRN View Post
            What I think would help a lot is orginizing the DIYs. Get rid of or move the redundant DIYs and sort them into things like maintanence, performance, and appearence. Also maybe the MRT, orginize it by color or style.
            Yeah, that MRT section is something I've said has annoyed me, with the way the threads are titled. I suppose now is as good a time as any to change it to body style, if you're up for big adjustments around here. *ED - oh, and is there any way to stop the threads from disappearing off the lists just for not being contributed to in a while? Might solve some of the search issues people are always complaining about.

            I know it can't be done anyway, but the Facebook page definitely shouldn't be deleted. You couldn't pay me to create an account there, but if anything I see it as a great place to attract more new members. I stumbled across this place because of people mentioning it on CarDomain back when I was in high school; it's the same deal with FB, only on a much larger scale.

            Meets would be a major help, although many regions have very few members, Colorado included. Of the few meets that have been held since 2009 or so, I'm about the only person that's stuck around. None of them consisted of more than a handful of CBs. There's a second guy that's been in for a couple years, but I don't think he posts on here. I rock the sticker on my car in hopes of CB drivers seeing it, but it probably doesn't help being on a completely different chassis. The number of members in any given region, and how spread out we are, is the biggest issue though, I think. These cars just aren't taken seriously enough.

            DCB7, there are several photo threads. Body style based, color based. You just have to click on a sticky in the Beginner Image Gallery thread to get to the list. Unfortunately, new members can't post in a lot of the more specific threads such as the one for those valve covers. Either open up the Media section to new members, or move all the random photo threads to the Beginner section, and let the old guys know they can contact a moderator any time they want to submit a new thread idea.

            I can get a bit nerdy with organization sometimes - to the point of enjoying it. I actually created a website, not to attract views or anything, but just so I can exercise that part of my personality. I'd submit myself as a moderator candidate at least for that kind of work, but I'm not on here enough to keep up with all the new stuff before it would get overwhelming. However, I will contribute heavily to the DIY section as I progress through my build, whether projects have been posted or not (different styles must be appreciated, right?). No aspect of the car will be left untouched, so I might as well. I like to imagine I'm pretty good at explaining things like that to the inexperienced.


              Hey theres a import shootout this sunday at farmington dragway. They have classes or you can spectate heck I'm entering my stock slow ass CB in the bracket or true street class just come out an have some fun. Oh and every class pays out if you win or get second love to see some CB's out here.
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                I agree with some earlier posts in that I think the site needs to be a bit more visually appealing with more visible photos or possibly a small icon next to each forum. Let's be honest, the kiddies will read the picture book before they pick up the novel.

                Also maybe a "what did you do to your accord today" thread. Similar to what did you purchase recently but it's actually showing the work that some folks here put in.
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                  I believe there should be a cb7 graveyard for everyone who wants to share what happened and why they don't have there cb anymore.

                  There should also be a section for a parts review, see what others have to say. Instead of searching for that same brand on google but it is not specific to the cb.

                  How about a beginners MR. That way people are just updating one thread and not making multiple threads, and than when they reach there 30 posts they can ask a moderator or if a moderator sees it they can move it to the regular MR thread.

                  Also how about a photoshop request forum. So If somebody would like to see if a certain color or rims would look good on there car.

                  One more thing, Could I get Minnesota put on the Midwest regional forum so I could try to organize a meet of anyone in my area?
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                    These are some great ideas, guys. Keep em coming!

                    A lot of the stuff mentioned since my last reply are things that I haven't even thought about myself. This is exactly what I was hoping for!


                      I honestly don't have many new ideas that haven't already been suggested, but I have near-constant access (lot of free time and freedom at work) and would like to throw my hat in to be a moderator.

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                        Add Alaska to the regional section.
                        If there was a local meet in Alaska or if I wanted to get one going, that would certainly help. There are more than enough CBs up here to get one started.

                        For any future meets, no car should leave the meet without a window vinyl on it.

                        I second the notion for some sort of system to keep images viewable.

                        The DIY section needs cleaning, sorting, organizing. If we have a solid, tagged DIY section full of media rich, informative, spell checked DIYs then the site will thrive for as long as people need to fix/want to do things to Accords.

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                          Conjoin cb7tuner and cd5tuner. Same shit and a lot of the DIYs on cd5tuner have given me many ideas. I am not saying to make it one website, but for the 2 to share certain sections like DIY, regional, and off topic.
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                            Also, what's going on with the paid sections? The membership stuff? Has it been fruitful? I never had the funds to pay, so I'm not sure how well it went over.

                            I think from what i remember, it went over good.

                            If you wanted,.you could make a list of people to email if people have questions. I wouldn't mind fielding questions about the site/membership/rules so that you don't get 100 of them. That goes for pm to. I get alerts to my phone, so id know right away.


                              Just to piggyback on some of the ideas about the MRT. I do think now is the time to change up the title format. Like we should be able to include sedan, coupe, or wagon. Some guys might just want to look at the different wagons on the site or something and it's frustrating going through every thread hoping it's a coupe or wagon or sedan. I mean honestly the body style is part of the trim.

                              EDIT: also the Avatart idea is awesome. It looks like that function was going to be implemented but never went through.


                                i don't post much myself. mostly, i read a lot regarding repairs. what's posted on here has been very helpful for me, as i have little experience, BUT am very determined. i do agree photos regarding repairs and putting repairs into sections would be helpful. i would prefer the site to stay simple- i don't want it to take a long time to load, especially since i had a very old computer when i first got on here. someone else might be in my shoes, and a high tech site doesn't benefit someone who's broke with an old ass computer trying to do repairs to save $$$. i don't do anything fancy to my car. i'm just trying to keep it running as long as i can and do my own repairs as best i can because i cannot afford to pay others to do so.

                                i know most people own newer cars, but i like my older one. honestly, i originally wanted a classic car as a daily driver. this is my practice car, and i got it because i was desperate. it still runs, so i'm keeping it.

                                as far as the facebook group, i have not heard of it or seen it. my facebook is private for family and friends only.

                                while i think the meet ups for fixing cars would be great, i, personally, can be shy and private at times. maybe over time i'll come out of my shell. if i do, it would be great, especially when i have a big job and lack the tools to do it.