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It's time to refresh this site. We need some new ideas, and some new moderators!

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    Well I haven't read through all the posts on this article BUT I would like to say I love the site. I've been a member for a few years now and I can't stay away. After a tow truck destroyed my first cb7 because he rear ended me and my second was traded off for a much nicer car, I am here every day multiple times. To be honest this is set as my homepage 8) and I know I don't post often (as my post count indicates) but I read EVERYTHING on this site. Members rides, DIY, off topic, etc.

    I'm also a member of,, and and I must say this site still gets more activity than those. I'm not sure what's going to happen in the future of this site but I will always be a member and will always enjoy anything and everything it provides!
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      My ideas;

      -Subsections in the DIY is a great idea.

      -Start over or replace old DIY's. They're old, opinions have changed, different products available etc etc. Let people make better new ones of the originals with current pics.

      -Develop the wiki-in detail

      -The image host thing is a good idea. It should be someones job to make sure all of the important images are up to date.

      -Figure out how to change titles of threads and the like so the search is a better tool

      -Stay up on the "Image" by keeping the front page updated and having new merch available regularly. Keychains, lanyards, t-shirts, etc etc.

      -More open for sale section. Seriously. Sucks that people get burned, but, people got shit for sale. Write out a nice, polite disclaimer, warn people, and then let it go. My opinion anyways.

      -Raffles could be cool, but, you'd need an authentic way to make sure it was random and the stuff would have to be cool. Raffles aren't legal in Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, Kansas, South Carolina or Utah and in most states they require a license or to register. So, raffles are no beuno because of all the crap coming with it. Solution; Let people vote on shit, with an award for the winner. Then its a contest, instead of a raffle. You could have people donate the give away stuff too. And it could be anything, from car parts, to keychains, to, whatever.

      -Moderators are cool now. Maybe having more oversight on things, and expanding what you are already doing-but replacing people will create issues and a lot of those guys, are your core.

      -Off topic should have sub sections. Porn, debate, funny, car related etc etc. and people should be encouraged to create more OT threads. OT keeps us talking. Technical shit usually only has a few posts, and the problem is either solved or the op stops posting and the thread dies. OT goes for pages on end.

      -An all Accord approach. Cd5tuner is toast. But, cd5's are gaining popularity. Get in front of that trend and apply your same site mojo to that section as well. Let it have DIY's for each generation, tech, performance, etc etc. You should also consider a drivetrain or powerplant sticky. Something that details it all. From stroke length of every motor, to the chassis code the drivetrain came out of. Details. Honda people swap, drop and roll. So, you should keep that in mind. There are a few guys on here(jarrett) that could probably fill in most of those blanks pulling numbers-right out of his ass-with no research needed to give 100% accurate specs. Take advantage of that knowledge and make it interesting to read. All Accord approach will get members and activity. People that move on from a cb often get another Accord. Offer them a humble corner of the forum, so they stay under your roof.
      Originally posted by wed3k
      im a douchebag to people and i don't even own a lambo. whats your point? we, douchbags, come in all sorts of shapes and colours.


        Deev, it's funny, you predicted this back in 2008.

        My suggestion would be to expand the "For Sale" section.
        Every member (including beginners) should be allowed to buy.
        The only requirement would be to sell.
        A member would need over 30 posts, a card or something showing their screen name with the current date, and the member has to be PayPal verified.
        People should stop sending payments as gifts, unless you really know and trust the seller.
        If that person scams you, PayPal will not reimburse you if you send your payment as gift.

        Lastly, just be prepared for the kind of members we'll be getting from here on out. Some intelligent ones, but also a lot of inexperienced kids and a lot of people who are just going to buy these cars to beat on for the time being.
        So get ready for all those "Where is my car leaking oil from?" Or "what is this rattle I'm hearing?" questions.


          Merging CD5tuner with CB7tuner would be a massive undertaking, as they're two separate databases, on two separate servers (which I like... one server goes down, the other site stays up.)
          I do intend to get CD5tuner all fixed up very soon, but that's a different project all together! Hell, I created that site specifically to get the CD guys OFF of this site! It has developed an identity of its own, and hopefully (once I get things fixed up) will continue to grow and improve.
          CD5tuner isn't really toast. The problem is that the registration feature is broken (and i have to get together with Phempa to fix it.) The only new members are the ones that have the sense to email me so I can create the accounts for them.

          The Classifieds suggestions might be good ones. We're getting less traffic these days, and there are many outlets for selling items open to CB7 enthusiasts (Facebook, ebay, craigslist...) It might be time to open it up to noobs.
          Rich, I like the idea of new members being allowed to buy, but not sell. Scammers are usually sellers, not buyers.

          If I open the Classifieds to new members, I'll probably need to address the disclaimer (and like I do now, I'll still hide the password in it.)

          DIYs will definitely be addressed, and I may take on at least 3 new moderators to charge with that specific task. We'll need to put our heads together and come up with the best way to do that.

          Regional sections will be addressed (new sections added, current larger sections divided as necessary, etc...) I will be needing active regional moderators for that. The regional moderators will not only have the responsibility of keeping their section in order, but they'll also have the responsibility of stirring up interest and activity in their region. For those that will be regional mods, see your section as a miniature CB7tuner.
          If I can think of a way to do it (suggestions are welcome), it would be interesting to create competitions between regions.

          I agree with the OT discussions... but subsections in OT can be problematic. Too many subsections will just confuse people. A porn section will never happen, as Google would yank our advertising in a heartbeat. Sucks to make decisions based on ads, but those ads are the only things keeping this site afloat. The premium memberships, decal sales, and occasional donations are a big help... but they're inconsistent. If we do anything to risk losing Google's financial support, we risk losing this site entirely. I can't afford to pay for it myself any longer, and I REALLY don't want to turn it into a paid-only site! (if I do that, it will undoubtedly fail anyway...)

          I have no intention to replace any of the old active moderators. Many of them have been absolutely invaluable in keeping this site going over the years.
          I will be removing the moderator status from all inactive mods (we have some that haven't been here for... well... years! ) but any mods that are active are more than welcome to continue what they are doing.
          This push for an increased staff isn't to replace anyone, or suggest that anyone is deficient. It's just to add a bit more momentum to the site. With more moderators, I can ask them to do more detailed work... without expecting them to do so while patrolling and babysitting.


            Another easier way to merge the two sites is to have the profiles transfer over. So I could use my login for this site on cd5tuner.
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              Easier? The only way I'd know how to do that would be to create each individual profile manually... nothing easy about that!



                That thread already exists here:


                Unless of course you mean the list of the models engines came out of. That could be cool.


                The classifieds suggestion is one I support. Whether they're dumb enough to come out and say it, or they put on a decent disguise there are many new members posting in the beginner's section simply to raise their post count to get to the classifieds section. Maybe eliminating some of that will go away if it's given to them. Hopefully it will make the Facebook classifieds page shrivel and die as well.

                Also, a post format for every item in the classifieds section would be nice as well.

                And, if you're going to sell in the classifieds then your location under your name should be mandatory.
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                  Those are all very good ideas.
                  92turboaccord has proven to be a very attentive and effective moderator in the Classifieds. Enforcing a proper format will likely work well. If he doesn't see this and chime in, I'll have to get in touch with him to discuss options.

                  The Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade page is decent. I've only seen a couple complaints about scammers. I asked Damon to make me an admin on there so I can keep it under control... more because it irritated me than out of any sense of responsibility. Anyone who posts things that aren't regarding the buying, selling, or trading of CB parts (or CB compatible parts) get removed from the page, along with their post.


                    I definitely like the majority of the ideas being thrown up here. I agree with beginners allowed to buy but not sell until 30 posts. Subsections for DIY with up-to-date images, diagrams, and video tutorials would be great for supplementary reasons. Competitions between regional areas would be cool. Raffles and merchandise would be great as well. Ad's relevant to accords only like esp and bismoto and maybe new sections to spark other ppls interests similar to the photography thread.


                      Some of our advertising and professional affiliations may be changing in the future. Some added, some removed.
                      The ads in the top right corner need to go away ASAP.


                        Car show Representation. If you go to Big car shows and track days you see a bunch of cars that have a tent with a sponsor or a club with merch. Now, i understand that takes capital, but then that raises the question of how to raise steady money(which is being discussed already. haha) Id also love to do some meets/drives here in the Shenandoah valley, but i just dont have the time to organize anything like that.


                          Originally posted by 93accordexcoupe View Post
                          We have a giant presence here in the North East, we can definitely get something going like we used to.

                          Everyone always references the big CT meets for a reason, they were huge!
                          Yeah they were. But Im getting something going for Weirs Beach meet if you're down.

                          So far we're planning for a mid July meet.
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                            How about remove limits for buying but to sell, they have to donate and apply through a mod? Or to be a seller you need a seller account and it has a fee....this way only serious sellers would need apply.


                              The classifieds would become a ghost town if you started charging to use it.
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                                Just like someone else said. If you want to sell something you must have a picture of a form of identification next to the item they are selling, must also have a picture right when they post a for sale ad. So a form of identification should have username, location, and the date. Other forums already implemented this and seems to be working good.