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Official CB7tuner Facebook group. It has arrived.

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    Official CB7tuner Facebook group. It has arrived.

    If you want in, click HERE and follow the instructions.

    It had a "soft opening" last week, and a number of the more attentive members caught it. I didn't want to be overwhelmed, so I kept it quiet for a bit. Today is probably the WORST time for me to properly announce it, as I'm starting my next semester now... but I'll do my best to keep up!

    Basically, you just post your Facebook name in the thread (the thread in the link, not this thread!) Once I see it, I'll add you to the list, and add you to the group. I'll do my best to keep up with it.
    If you don't post your Facebook name in the thread, your request to join will be ignored or denied. If you post your name but don't send a request to join, I'm not going to go searching Facebook for you... so you won't be added. Post on thread, request on Facebook, win.

    As it says in the link, you will be expected to act on the Facebook group as you do on here. Most of the interactions on the forum are civil, polite, and intelligent. Let's keep it that way on the Facebook group.
    Think before you post.

    What happened with that "other" CB7 group?

    Originally posted by lordoja
    im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


      Still there. Locked. People keep joining it anyway.


        Deev how you doing man? Haven't been in the cb7 game for a good while, but did just see the update you posted in the BS group on Facebook. So, here I am! My name is Ryan Stransky. Anyone else here I know feel free to add me!
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          Moises Robles. We are friends on FB but still. These other CB7 pages are, meh. ��
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