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    Originally posted by cuate01221 View Post
    When people who are used to driving trucks say I'm going to fast and I'm only going 30,
    Had that happen when I went from my moms minivan to my car. Still happens occasionally. My truck friends don't tell me I'm going to fast. They'll just say it feels like we're going much faster then we really are.
    37.5 MPG, AC on, cruising at 80.
    30.0 MPG, AC on, aggressively driving around 90.
    27.5 MPG, no AC, cruising at 90 with occasional gridlock. 40 degrees Fahrenheit

    Lots of DIY videos specifically for our car

    Get some awesome wipers! <-- It's a DIY
    Originally posted by Tippey764
    I think driving your car naked will cause the engine to overheat
    Originally posted by deevergote
    sneaky motherfucker


      When people hate on my car just because I keep it super clean. I like to occasionally shampoo the carpet and hang dry it or steam clean it and I keep the dash and glove box and pretty much everything clean. But apparently an old un-modded car is not allowed to be clean because people will leave trash in the car or smudge the windows or ask me why I spend so much time cleaning it "it's just an old car." Damn Also people not wearing their seat belts or wearing them improperly. Just drives me crazy. Also people giving me crap about my car being a POS just because I work on it and check on it all the time to make sure everything is in working order or just because I feel like tweaking something.
      I swear every time I'm under the hood or the dash it's like they assume the car blew up. wtf...

      Anyway hasn't been happening lately because they see the progress I've made with it and how much better of it is from where it started plus I give them a piece of my mind if anyone does something wrong in my car. Plus if they are close to me they know how I am with cars so they try not to irritate me but they still mess with me just to be dillweeds...


        I hate when:

        People dont clean off their shoes before they get in my car
        How whenever I have a drink in the cupholder I cant change the radio
        When people complain about the music
        People who leave trash in my car
        People who complain about the way I drive
        People who try to clean my windows
        People who put door dings in my car
        People that dont clear off the ICE AND SNOW from the roofs of their cars
        When my idle bounces up and down
        When people spit/throw something at my car

        I think thats it for now