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I just spent $250.00 on a pair of sneakers

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    I just spent $250.00 on a pair of sneakers

    Make a long story short, I just started doing some serious running + I won in vegas, so I decided to splurge. Some people will say, what a waste, but honestly you only live once. These joints are ridiculous though, it senses as I run, I tested it out on the grass near my house, and than on pavement (It noticed the different surfaces and adjusted accordingly). It actually adjusts while you are running, even if you run faster, it adjusts that quickly. I weigh about 220, 6' 2", so I figured I need some soft, and wow, it adjusted after a couple seconds.

    Check em out...
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    look cool!
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      THEY'RE SHOES!!!

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      Originally posted by JoshM
      Okay to do: "I'm sorry I broke your mailbox, here's $100.
      NOT okay to do: "I'm sorry I fucked your sister, here's $100.


        thats a little too much for me, but eh, like you said you only live once...

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          still....$250? They're just going to get dirty anyways. But wtf am I talking about, I just bought some driving moccs from Nordstroms that were $225 on sale.


            i was always confused about what the commercials were trying to say what these shoes did..i thought they lit up so you can see at night haha

            cool stuff though

            <--thinks technology is starting to get out of hand...
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              agreed bro, it truly is getting out of hand. Well, there's no lights on them powerful enough to be able to see @ night, but like I said they adjust 1000 calculations a second to make your stride more comfortable, kinda jdm.
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       have shoes I want for running! Those shoes are sooo nice.

                Why do they have to be $250!?!?

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                  Originally posted by fizzbob7
                  ironically, running is bad for you anyway....especially someone as heavy as you.....your knees will be artificial in 20 years
                  Well, I'm mostly muscle from years of hockey, just stopped recently...but I agree, running does f your knees if you are running incorrectly. I have friends who are serious runners and been doing so since they were very young, I have yet to have heard them complain. Who knows though, if your knees don't kill you something else the mean time, @ least my feet and knees will be happier than most runners.
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                    thats right man.. you only live once.

                    thats why i bought a 4th gen. i may try those on sometime when i'm at the mall just to see how they feel.. but hey if you like them thats all that matters.

                    i have a pair of nike shox for when i run (which i do quite frequently) and i love the feeling of them.
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                      oh shoes i thought it said speakers now it all makes sense, well looks like nike is fucked.

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                        i have bought alot of expensive sneakers back in my day but never spent $250.00 on a pair. I guess it cost that much because you are running in a pair of computers. I dont run but I used to play alot of basketball.....I suddenly have achelis tendonitis and a strained arch (flat foot), those sound like they might help me. Maybe I'll try a pair this weekend.
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                          are they heavy?

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                            Accordtuner: the way the shoe changes, it's really suppose to help the arch or lack therof. I have the same problem as you, flat feet, this actually helps a lot. Try em out, get back to me.

                            And nope, they're the same weight as any regular sneaker.

                            Btw, try running on grass or gravel with them, it's scary how it adjusts accordingly.
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                              Just wanna say, Nike Shox suck ass. I have a pair of Mizuno Waverider7's and they are awesome, originally $110, I paid $60. Aasics are the best though.