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Maple's License Suspended Journal

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    Maple's License Suspended Journal

    Day #1 of 59.

    This is where I will post my driving experiences with a suspended license. Yup you heard me right. I will be driving very limited with my sketchy car around providence. But my first task is leaving chelmsford, Ma and heading to providence, RI at about 5pm tonight.

    Don't flame in my thread saying it's retarded to drive and ill be fucked. Yes im aware but live is filled with risk taking.

    Anyways I need to drive backroads to the Highway then Im going Rt 3 south to 95/128 south to providence, RI. It's a good highway that i never see cops on compared to 495 south.

    Anyways I should be arriving and the car will be sitting at my dorm.

    I also Removed my 17" wheel's and put stockers back on incase i do get pulled over. Also Valentine one is in my room as well as my subwoofer. I will be ripping out my HU incase it get's stolen at school

    Why am i doing this you may ask? Because i don't want my car sitting at my house for 2 months. Also i can't cancel my inshurance because if i do then ill have to pay a downpayment when i get my icense bac on the 17th.

    futhermore I will write my day to day experiences when I drive around.

    59 day's to go.

    nobody fucking cares..

    it seems to me that you take joy in being an absolute moron..


      taking bets

      which day maple gets caught driving with his suspended license. imma say day 13
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        There is no way you made this post without thinking about all the backlash you were going to get.
        You are going to kick yourself in the ass when you get caught

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          Originally posted by PRIMOCB7
          taking bets

          which day maple gets caught driving with his suspended license. imma say day 13

          I say around 25.

          What would be funny is on the last day he gets busted.
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            so should we get a pool going like on "40 days and 40 nights", ill take day 19

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            Originally posted by deevergote
            You have to think outside the box to get IN the box!


              my are the dumbest person ever..what have you contributed to this site? one cares about your 59 days of stupidity


                I say day 37... can you please post a more detailed route and time specifications for that day... like what exact roads you will take, and when?


                  This is pretty hilarious. Keep us updated! Sounds like you know all the risks, and if you choose to keep on driving, more power to you. I personally wouldn't, not for my own sake, but for the sake of other drivers. If I got into an accident with someone on a suspended license, would I get any money back at all?


                    Maple why do you have so much trouble with the cops?........ do they know you personally or something?..or do you drive crazy?.....

                    i mean shit i get pulled over by officer asshole a lot..but it seems you have a lot of cop/violations.


                      some one could just be a dick and win the bet, by calling in your license plate number in.

                      67m G53

                      but then we would find out if you got caught or not cause they dont have internet in jail..
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                        Exhibit #119 in Maple's driving with a suspended license trial... count me in...
                        RIP Lifsatrip7



                          i lost my lisence for 3 months from september to december. i had taken the bus for a few weeks, then i took the bus to the point where i would have to transfer to go to work, and i would have my car parked there (my parent's thought i was storing it in my boss' garage) and then i would just drive it the 2km to work.

                          but as soon as i got my swap towards the end of september, i was driving full time and driving it home and parking 2 blocks away on a small crescent (where my ex coindicentally happens to live) and walk 2 mins home.

                          so i got away with it. then i again i don't have a fart cannon.


                            Originally posted by Maple50175
                            Also i can't cancel my inshurance because if i do then ill have to pay a downpayment when i get my icense bac on the 17th.
                            I hope you don't actually believe your insurance is in effect without a drivers license...because it sure as heck isn't.

                            Day 52! Ding ding!
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                              i Don't have a fart cannon eaither

                              I just get pulled over because Ma sucks. Just the way the car looks etc. Sometimes the cops never have a excuse why im pulled over it sucks.

                              But yeah an hr 1/2 till i leave. Ill keep you all posted. I thought this would be some humor to the site. anyways yeah idk