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Commonly Used Acronym List

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    Commonly Used Acronym List

    This is a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms here on, compiled by myself and some of our members. If ever you stumble across an acronym that makes no sense to you, make sure you check this list to see what it means! These acronyms have been shortened to just the letters/numbers; some people add hyphens or slashes between the lettering, but the meaning is the same. If you have any to add, post below and ill be sure to add it.

    [ # ]

    2WS - two wheel steering
    4WS - four wheel steering
    4G - fourth generation accord (90-93, the CB7s). of course theres also 3g, 5g, etc.
    4040 - a brake proportioning valve from an integra used for rear disc conversions
    9091 - referring to the 90 and 91 models of the accord
    9293 - referring to the 92 and 93 models of the accord

    [ A ]

    AC - air conditioning (referring to the compressor and its piping)
    AD -
    AFAIK - as far as i know
    AFPR - adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    AOM - Accord of the Month, a voting contest done in our Members Rides section
    AT - Automatic Transmission (or
    AR -
    ATX - accordtunerx (the daddy of!)
    AV - audio/video, in reference to the equipment and wiring used for entertainment systems

    [ B ]

    BB# - chassis code for Preludes (BB1, BB4, BB6...)
    BBB - black bumpered beauty, referring to DX accords with unpainted bumpers
    BFH - big fucking hammer. usually the last-resort method of car repair.
    BHG - blown head gasket
    BOV - blow off valve
    BS - bullshit
    BTDC - before top dead center (usually preceded by a degree value, when setting engine timing)
    BTW - by the way
    BUMP - bring up my post

    [ C ]

    CAI - cold air intake, an intake tube that goes all the way down into the lower fender
    CB1 - JDM/EDM Accord (89-93) with F18A
    CB2 - EDM Accord (89-93) with F18A + 4WS
    CB3 - JDM/EDM Accord (89-93) with F20A
    CB4 - EDM Accord (89-93) with F20A + 4WS
    CB5 - Accord Inspire / Vigor (89-92) with G20A
    CB6 - JDM/EDM Accord Coupe (90-94) with F20A
    CB7 - USDM Accord (90-93) with F22A
    CB8 - EDM Accord Aerodeck (91-94) with F22A
    CB9 - USDM Accord Wagon (90-93) with F22A
    CC - cruise control
    CD5 - chassis codes for 5th generation accords (94-97). other CD# variations exist also.
    CEL - check engine light, it flashes error codes telling you whats wrong with the motor
    CF - carbon fiber
    CPU - computer ("central processing unit")
    CTR - civic type-R

    [ D ]

    DIY - do-it-yourself, usually referring to a step by step guide
    DOHC - dual overhead cams
    DP - downpipe, lower half of the header on the front of the motor
    DRL - daytime running lights
    DSM - diamond star motors, a Mitsubishi/Chrysler hybrid company. DSM usually refers to the Talon/Eclipse/Laser.
    DTC - diagnostic trouble code (another name for a CEL code)

    [ E ]

    ECU - engine control unit, the engine computer
    ECM - another name for an ECU, engine control module
    EDM - european domestic market, referring to cars and parts from europe
    EQ - equalizer (audio system related)
    EGR - exhaust gas recirculation, an emissions valve on the motor
    ES - Energy Suspension (brand name)

    [ F ]

    FAQ - frequently asked question
    FI - forced induction (boosted)... less commonly used, Fuel Injected
    FIV - fast idle valve
    FITV - Fast Idle Thermo Valve
    FMIC - front mount intercooler
    FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator
    FRM - fiber reinforced metal (referring to the cylinder walls of some engines)
    FS - for sale
    FTW - for the win! (or 'fuck the world')
    FUBAR - fucked up beyond all recognition
    FWD - front wheel drive
    FWIW - for what it's worth
    FYI - for your information

    [ G ]

    GTFO - get the fuck out

    [ H ]

    HG - head gasket
    HID - high intensity discharge (high output lighting system)
    HoA - Honda of America. JDM parts often make this reference, indicating the vehicle/part was made in USA.
    HS - (can be used for "hot shit!")
    HT - (also used for Honda Tuning magazine)
    HU - headunit (cd player / radio)

    [ I ]

    IAB - intake air bypass, the "secondary intake runners"
    IACV - idle air control valve
    IAT - intake air temperature sensor
    I.B.T.L. - in before the lock (posting before a thread gets locked)
    ICE - in-car entertainment (audio & video equipment)
    IDK - i dont know
    I.E. - In Other Words / In Example
    IHE - intake/header/exhaust... the most common mods people do first
    IIRC - if i recall(remember) correctly
    ILBB - ilikebigbutts (a member here)
    IM - intake manifold (also may mean Instant Message, referring to AOL)
    IMO - in my opinion
    IMHO - in my honest(humble) opinion
    ITB's - Individual Throttle Bodies
    ITR - integra type-R

    [ J ]

    JDM - japanese domestic market, referring to cars and parts from japan
    JK - just kidding

    [ K ]

    KPH - kilometers per hour

    [ L ]

    LCA - Lower Control Arm
    LED - Light Emitting Diode. a small solid state device that emits light (its not an incandescent bulb)
    LHD - left hand drive
    LMAO - laughing my ass off
    LMK - let me know
    LOL - laughing out loud
    LSD - limited slip differential

    [ M ]

    MAP - manifold absolute pressure, a sensor on the intake manifold
    MHG - metal head gasket
    MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp, better known as the CEL - Check Engine Light
    MPG - Miles per Gallon
    MPH - Miles per hour
    MRT - Member's Ride thread - a thread containing info about a particular member's car, posted in the dedicated sub-forum
    MRX - midniteracerx (a member here)
    MT - manual transmission

    [ N ]

    NA - naturally aspirated, meaning not boosted
    NSFW - not safe for work
    NWS - not work safe

    [ O ]

    OBD# - onboard diagnostics, it tells you whats wrong by giving you CEL codes.
    OEM - original equipment manufacturer
    OG - original gangster, referring to the old-school dudes
    OMG - oh my god
    OT - off topic

    [ P ]

    PFM - power folding mirrors, a JDM part available for many cars
    PGMFI - programmed fuel injection
    PITA - pain in the ass
    PM - private message, can be sent through the site (see top right corner)
    POS - piece of shit
    POV - point of view
    PS - power steering
    PCV (valve) - Positive crankcase ventilation valve (top of valve cover)

    [ Q ]

    QFT - quoted for truth

    [ R ]

    R33 - usually accordR33 (member here) but really a front bumper style (modeled after the Nissan Skyline R33)
    R&D - Research and Development
    RHD - right hand drive
    ROH - Rotor Over Hub disc brake setup (90-97 accords come stock with Hub Over Rotor)
    ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing
    RT - reaction time (in a drag race), can also mean rims+tires
    RTFM - read the fucking manual
    RWD - rear wheel drive

    [ S ]

    S2K - Honda S2000
    SAFC - super air flow controller (piggyback controller for non-vtec engines)
    SN - screenname (often referring to an AOL name)
    SMH - Shake My Head
    SMIC - side mount intercooler
    SOHC - single overhead cam
    SOL - shit out of luck
    SPL - sound pressure level
    SRI - short ram intake, a smooth pipe with a round cone filter at the end
    STFU - shut the fuck up

    [ T ]

    TB - throttle body
    TBH - to be honest
    TCU - transmission control unit, the tranny computer
    TCM - another name for a TCU, tranny control module
    TDC - top dead center, when a piston is at the very top of its stroke
    TEH - common misspelling of the word THE
    TIA - thanks in advance!
    TPS - throttle position sensor, on the back of the throttle body
    TTT - To the top (a recent post will bring a thread up to the top of its forum)
    TW - testing waters (if somebodys not sure if they want to sell yet)

    [ U ]

    USDM - US domestic market, referring to cars and parts manufactured and sold in the US.
    UCA - Upper Control arm (suspension component)

    [ V ]

    VAFC - VTEC air flow controller (piggyback controller for VTEC engines)
    VC - valve cover
    VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor (on the transmission, it gives signal to the Speedometer)
    VTEC - Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control, on some motors, most commonly the H22

    [ W ]

    WB - wideband oxygen sensor
    WG - wastegate
    WOT - wide open throttle (pedal to the floor, throttle body open all the way)
    WTB - wanted to buy
    WTF - what the fuck?
    WTS - want to sell
    WTT - Want to trade

    [ Y ]

    YGPM - youve got a private message
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      i.e. (short for latin: id est) does not mean "in example"; it is latin for "that is" (similar to "in other words" or "in essence")
      e.g. (short for latin: exempli gratia) means "for example"