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    CB7 Hot Wheels/Keychain

    Hi Everyone,

    Earlier this year I started a small 3D Printing company. Recently I found a 3D printable CB7 file.

    I am thinking about printing one and scaling it to be Hot Wheels sized and would love to see what all of you think about this idea.

    Below is a very quick survey.

    What do you guys think?
    Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?

    I'd definitely be down for a scale model. A plastic keychain, not so much. I'd imagine it would break pretty quickly with how rough I am on that stuff. And I was lucky enough to be here for the official CB7Tuner keychain, which I'm very happy with.


      I agree with CyborgGT. Definitely interested in a model, not so much a keychain. I would definitely break a keychain, and the loop/chain would take away from the appearance of the model, I feel.

      I voted for a kit in your survey, but finished models are cool too. I’ve always dreamed of having a scale model to turn into a replica of my old car, so I like the idea of building. I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures once you get it going!


        Oooohhhh, I was thinking two separate products here. Now that question about keychain loop placement makes sense! Imagining a Hot Wheels car on a keychain, it seems a bit much.


          I already have too many keys on my key ring - don't need any more bulk in my pocket. A 1/12 scale metal model would be great (I have a 64 Impala SS and 67 Chevelle SS). Plastic scale model to build would be good too.
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            I think the scale model would be cool. Keychain I initially said yes in survey but everyone here are making good points bad I would be afraid of breaking it. But model would be cool. Would be neat to have it in a coupe form, though the sedan seems the most popular for items that are made.
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              Thank you to everyone who has given their input.

              Last night I 3D printed a test piece. Below is the image of how it turned out.

              The wheels are sourced from a donor Hot Wheels.


              What do you all think so far?
              Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?


                Looks really good!


                  If anyone is interested, I created an Etsy listing for these.


                  Let me know if there is any other CB7 related items you guys would like to see me make.
                  Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?


                    This is a great idea!

                    But you may be overlooking another aspect that could prove more valuable. Since parts are running out of the supply chain and used parts are not always better you might consider 3D printing items like a battery hold down bracket.

                    ​​​​​​These things are forever corroding and why Honda never chose to make them from resin instead of painted metal is beyond me...

                    I do agree with Fleetwood a scale model would be too bulky as a keychain at least for me too. But maybe try something flat like this.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      I am definitely going to look into designing and printing a battery bracket.

                      I am also working on some designs for CB7 keychains. I have an old CB7Tuner metal keychain that I am trying to recreate and modify.

                      Does anyone know who designed the original CB7Tuner keychain?
                      Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?