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Any TESLA owners here?

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    Any TESLA owners here?

    So im probably going to be getting a new, better paying job. I currently have a 2011 CRV with almost 100k miles. More than likely ill be replacing it with an SUV, such as an 2018 or 2019 RDX. I like the styling and comforts and need the storage space/ room for dog lol.

    But im also kind of considering a Model 3. My commute is only 40 miles each way, and it will be all highway with new job.

    Im a sucker for technology which the Tesla obv possesses.

    Just wondering if anyone has one or a family member, and has some direct experience with one and their thoughts on ownership.


    Our neighbor has the model 3 and model Y and they love it. I would love one as well but neither of my vehicles are old and I expect the price of Teslas to go down in the next couple years as more companies start going EV.

    I will say if you do get one, I would get the full driving capability, so when it does become fully legal, your car will be ready for it.

    According to my neighbor he is allowed to use the self driving capability once he hits a highway and he said when he drove from VA down to Florida his Tesla mapped out the whole drive and planned every charging station along the route. All he had to do was hit go and once it hits the highway he goes full self driving and just relaxes.

    You do still have to maintain some form of connection with the steering wheel, you can’t just hit go and jump in the backseat and lay down. You have to have some resistance on the wheel. Whether it’s your hand or your foot(though I wouldn’t do the later)
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      I was ready to make a Tesla purchase before the pandemic hit and decided against it, but I did have a chance to test drive the Model 3 SR+. It's a freakin rocket ship. Unlike any other car I've ever driven. I loved the experience and both the ride and seats were much more comfortable than I expected.

      I would recommend that you test drive one and give it serious consideration. They are still the best electric cars on the market in my opinion, but that will change in just a few shorts years. Their charging network is still light years ahead of anyone else.
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