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I gave my 93SE to the dealer!

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    I gave my 93SE to the dealer!

    Before you all start screaming NOOO you're CRAZY! It's not what it seems.

    I've been doing some projects at home and one of them involves a number of DIYs including replacing an old plastic laundry sink with a stainless one and finally getting around to installing a mini-split AC I only bought only 2 years ago. With no room to move around much less work I contemplated moving the 93SE and the TSX into some temporary storage facilities but @ $350/mo for each car I found a better solution. My friend Tyson has been rotating his stock of Acuras at the local dealer for months. Their inventory is so low they are literally starved for "new" cars to go in the showroom. So when I drove by in my TSX recently I spoke with the general manager and he was very excited at the prospect of having some older "interesting" cars to show. So after completing some maintenance and detailing I brought the 93SE over yesterday and it immediately received a "few passing glances."

    The good news for me is I've already been able to replace a bunch of old fluorescent lights with 4ft LEDs in the garage so that was a good start. As soon as I finish some fluid changes and do some detailing on the TSX off it goes next. I'll probably start with the sink and next go after the AC system. It's already getting uncomfortably hot out here with outside temps pushing well past 105 degrees F. So even with 2 ceiling fans in the and extra insulation by mid afternoon the garage temps were hitting 90 degrees F. Needless to say I'm very motivated to get this done!

    If anyone is in the area and wants to take a peek the cars will be at Acura of Tempe here in AZ. Between Tyson's vast assortment of cars and my meager 2 it's like a mini-car show...

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    Awww that is sweet. I imagine customers will take notice and have their own stories.


      how fun!

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