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The official North East meet thread. Maple drunk and more

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    The official North East meet thread. Maple drunk and more

    Hey everyone. Us northeast guys just had a big meet at Ben's (williamsVT) house on Cape Cod. It was probably the sickest meet in cb7tuner history, and when CPmike posts his videos and pictures, you will see why....I don’t have a good camera right now, so i had to use my phone, please excuse the low quality. when the other guys post their pics they will be better. these are just to hold you over.

    **Update * Direct link to vids**

    Friday Night:
    Me and Val were the first ones to arrive, on Friday night. Shortly after Travis (93accordexcoupe), Mark (ACCORD22), and Todd (ckyskater) arrived. We all hung out for a while, and wait for the New Jersey/New York guys to arrive. We ate microwaved hot dogs (A first for me), started playing Texas hold ‘em, NFSU2, and then we watched a few Tekademic videos that Todd brought.

    Finally Mike (CPMike), Justin (DoctorCipher), and Justins friend Dave arrived from their 5-6 hour drive up (at around 1:30am) . Justin, Todd, and Dave started getting drunk right away lol. Unfortunately for them, there wasn’t much Alcohol in the house yet, so they didn’t get very far. We watched some more tekademic videos for the rest of the night, and Me and Val finally went to bed around 3:00am, so i don’t know what happened after that.

    Saturday morning:

    On Saturday, Ben was up at around 9:15 and everyone else gradually woke up after that. Since im not a morning person and take forever to get up, everyone but me and Val went to get more food and the bulk of the alcohol. Im not sure how that went, but im sure someone will have some stories.

    While everyone was shopping, Mike (AccordWarrior) showed up. Everyone came back and we started unpacking the food, ate breakfast and went out side to check out all the cars we had so far.

    At this point we had:
    My GSR
    Todds prelude
    Bens cb7
    Travis' cb7
    Marks cb7
    CPmikes cb7
    Warriors cb7
    Justin's friends' h22 5th gen

    Todd and Justin decided that they were going to block off the EGR on Todds H22. The used a cut up soda can as a block off plate, something i had never seen before. It was pretty cool.

    Ben brought us all into his garage where he had a 1927 Ford Model A, in really good shape. It was cool to see a car from the era that started it all.

    I have a bit of a blank spot in my brain and i cant remember what happened next.

    Eventually Todd and Justin finished the EGR block off and Todd took it for a test drive. It looked like he was having trouble getting out of the driveway, but no one thought anything of it. Well...Todd came back, and there was definitely something wrong. but it wasn’t the EGR:

    It turns out that they forgot to put the neuspeed strut bar back on, therefore the control arm wasnt bolted in!

    They spent a little while fixing that issue, which luckily wasn’t disastrous! Once everything was all set, it was time to seafoam Todds H22. Justin poured the seafoam into the break booster line, and smoke billowed out the back of Todds car. It looked like he had a RWD Lude!

    Thats Travis and CPmike trying to make his way through the smoke

    A while passed, we hung out in the driveway checking out all the cars. Justin climbed onto the root of the house next to bens that was being built. he is fucking crazy. Wayne (Maple) was late, and stuck in traffic. We were also waiting for Dan (GraniteCB7) to arrive. Bens dad showed up in the mean time, and he was REALLY cool. He showed us his Hybrid Civic, something I had never seen up close. And let me tell you, it may not have 300hp, but that is one impressive piece of engineering. I found a new respect for hybrid cars after seeing that.

    While we were waiting, Nick (ulspect) and his girlfriend came. We checked out his car, and he fixed his TPS in the driveway. Eventually Dan showed up (Still no wayne). Travis climbed on to the roof of Bens house and took a picture of all the cars in the driveway. CPmike started to get bored, and ended up with this:

    Eventually we said screw wayne, were going for a cruise to take some pictures. As we were getting ready to leave, He finally showed up, so we had a full house. It was time to roll. We all started up the cars, and followed Ben to a nearby parking lot to take pictures.

    We tried to find a beach to take pics on, but there were just to many people around. On the way to finding a beach, Dan, Me, Mike (Warrior), Todd, and Nick all got separated from the other guys because of a stupid rich guy in a Mercedes who broke up our caravan. We eventually found the rest of the crew and made our way back to the house. Ben lives on a Private drive, and when we pulled onto his street, there was an old guy there who was YELLING at the top of his lungs at us. "SLOW DOWN!, SLOW DOWN!" he pointed to each one of us and yelled slow down. The funny part of this, was that I was only doing 15mph...and i know no one else was going much faster.

    When we got home from pictures it was time to make some food. Justin was trying to light the charcoal grill, but he wasn’t having too much luck. We tried newspaper, WD40, even charcoal lighter and nothing seemed to work very well (it could have been because it was raining). So we said screw it and made hot dogs in water on the stove. They were pretty good.

    Eventually, the party got started, and the drinks came out. Ben, Todd, Justin, Dave, Wayne, and Mark were playing beer pong out on the deck. It was entertaining to watch. As the night progressed, The guys got more and more drunk. There was so much going on that it would be hard for me to remember everything, never mind type it all out.

    but here are the cliff notes for Saturday night.

    Wayne (maple) got completely shitfaced. he couldn't even stand up. it was hilarious.

    Mark drank a little too much, and ended up passing out, face down in the toilet after puking his brains out. His big curly hair was in the Water, it was funny, but i was a little worried about him, so we took turns checking up on him every 5 min or so.

    It took a little more alcohol for Justin, but he eventually reached a point where he was having trouble standing up. He had a bright idea to jump off the deck, and do a belly flop onto the grass below...lmao, he is one crazy dude.

    Ben and Todd were both pretty drunk, but they seemed to hold it together more than the other guys did.

    Wayne and Justin ended up playing punch for punch, and needless to say..Justin won.

    We tried to get wayne to give us money, because he was so drunk he didn’t know what the hell was going on. Val almost got $40 from him because she told him he owed it to her.

    Wayne broke a lamp, because he decided to try and lean on it. (keep an eye out for CPmikes vid of this)

    Man...there was so much more but i just cant think of anything right now. IM sure the other guys will tell their stories. It was just fucking insane.

    I ended up going to bed pretty early (like 12) because i didnt feel good, and i had to get up early to bring val to work this morning. so i didnt really get to say proper good byes....

    ================================================== ======
    Ben: Thanks for a fucking awesome weekend, and a historical CB7tuner meet. Your grandparents have a beautiful home, and im sure i speak for everyone when i say thank you for putting your personal things on the line and giving us all a great place to get together. We all owe you big. Thanks to you, and thanks to your family.

    Todd: At first I thought you were going to be kind of an ass hole with all the alcohol, but you held it together better than anyone there, and were a very responsible drunk. especially when you were trying to cut people off. I thought that was awesome. it was great to meet you

    Travis: It was awesome hanging out with you, When you come up to MA for school, we are definitely going to have to hang out once in a while

    Mark: It was awesome seeing you again, your definitely an entertaining guy. Between the hair, and the giggling, it was fun having you around.

    CPmike: It was great to Finally meet you after all these years on the boards. Your probably the most laid back guy i'v ever met besides myself. Hope to see you at the next big meet!

    Justin: Your one crazy mother fucker. Thanks for all the entertainment and laughs.

    Dan: It was good seeing you again, and the D2s look great. Im sure ill see you at import wars at least a couple times this summer.

    Mike (warrior): I see you like everyday. so yeah..

    Wayne: You are the most cliché drunk guy i have ever met. Your so quite in person, i dont know how get caught up in so much shit. It was good seeing you again.

    Nick: It was nice meeting you and your friend. You guys made me and Val not feel so old when you came lol

    Val: Thanks for the blow job.
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    heh, i cant wait for more pics and those crazy vids. sounds like you guys had a good time.


      Originally posted by sublime
      heh, i cant wait for more pics and those crazy vids. sounds like you guys had a good time.
      CPmike will probably post them when he gets home. either tonight or tommorow

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        haha fuckin awesome sounds like it was great. Can't wait for the vids!

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          What a fucking insane Meet. Thanks to ben and everyone that showed up. We need to make another one like SOON. So much fun.

          Here are the pictures from the meet.

          Also note on the ride home a MA statie stopped the entire hwy (495) and told everyone to pull over. Thankfully I was way infront and i was with cpmike so we didnt get pulled over and since justins friend has a stock accord with an h22 he didnt get pulled over. I guess they just got a warning or something

          Enjoy my pics:

          The wonderfull home and travis cb7

          Going to the photoshoot.

          Accord Warriors sweet front end and the awesome Euro-r beast

          The view from the backyard fucking instence:


          Thanks for a good time guys/girls!

          We need to have another one REAL soon
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            thanks for the props eric, it was a fun ass meet and im glad everyone had fun. thanks to justin for supplying the sea foam and helpin me with it and the egr valve. ill see everyone next time hopefully.


              I'm in the senior design lab irght now so I can't really write a long reply or anything, but I figured I'll drop a few comments.

              The white Civic in the pics is my best friend's gf's Civic. They're collectively on the board as TekSi...she used to have a 90 EX before the Civic. Both Chris and Jen came to visit Saturday afternoon.

              This was the best most fun I've had in a long time, and definitely want to do it again. We'll just have to plan it a weekend that I'm home and can stay over.

              I'll definitely write up a longer reply complete with pictures when I get back to my dorm. I think we ALL have stories about yesterday.

              Dave: (To Mark...passed out on the floor) Hey Mark, you okay? What do you drive?

              Mark: (barely understandable drunken babble) 90 CB7

              The Rest of Us: He's fine.

              Originally posted by Accord R33
              Mike (warrior): I see you like everyday. so yeah..
              Thanks you too.


                me and dave asked mark what day it was, and he told us the correct date, and we were both like wtf? we didnt even know the date.

                "stop driving like an asshole, you're lucky you're not getting a ticket" - ma state police.


                  still can't really believe we got pulled over...damn...but atleast we didn't get any tickets or searched.

                  thanks again everyone for coming, it was a very fun meet with lots of excitment and enjoyment. It appeared that everyone was having a good time, and i hope to do this kind of thing in the future, although i'm not sure that Chatham enjoys our presence.

                  thanks again, and lets see some more pictures and videos.
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                    Why did they pull you over?
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                      Originally posted by The G-Man
                      Why did they pull you over?
                      people on 495 called in and said they saw a bunch of vehicles street racing at high speeds..the cop was hiding under a bridge waiting for us..and then pulled us all over...however, when he clocked us we were all going the speed limit or a little above, so there was really nothing he could do.
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                        fuck man, that is a nice house! nice backyard...
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                          i cant wait till someone posts videos...wayne was pretty funny.
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                            i wanted to race mike but there was too much traffic. hopefully next time. i got dave in the h22a swapped cd5.


                              todd and i whooped ass in beer pong.

                              and wayne broke an 800 lamp, what an asshat. lol.
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