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Another "IM DONE!" Story...

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    Another "IM DONE!" Story...

    I've been in "Emo" mode for the past 2 days...Im broke, and I owe my g/f $400 ....All of this b/c of my car (RIP 7/19/06)

    Just this past week, me and my buddys installed my camber kit. Everything was cool, but then, on the way home, the Right shock just gave up on me and I almost crashed. - See Pics of how I almost died here -

    So I went to advanced autos and bought a new Shock for $115 (kyb AGX). The next day, I was coming out of the LA Fitness parking lot with my g/f and I had to bust a U-E in the lot...My Driver side Axled made this GOD AWFUL noise...I wanted to cry...My car wasnt moving...for a second, I thought the Wheel had collasped (my 1 wk old ITRs :-(). I drove home doing 10mph b/c any faster and the car would tremble or it wouldnt go at times.

    So another trip to Advanced autos cost $100 for an axle. I take it to my dads friend shop and he looks at it. He tells me that my back mount is gone so thats why my axles are not sitting straight. So Im like, GREAT! how much is THAT gonna cost?! he tells me $138 for the mount and he will charge only $45 for labor to help the cost out. Labor for the Shock was $65 and labor for the Axle was $45.

    At this point, Im fucking flat broke. Last week, I spent $300 on tires, $80 on mount and balance, and $400 for ITRs. I had to do the unthinkable...I borrowed $ from my g/f . She made me promise her that IT WILL WORK WHEN EVERYTHING IS DONE. I said "babe, what can go wrong pshhh, New axle and a new shock! cmon babe, it'll work haha"....JYNX...

    The mechanic calls me up and his bill comes out to $381 but he gave me a discount b/c he knows my dad so I "only" have to pay $320. add that in with the $100 axle and the $115 shock :-(. I was so0o0o0o happy, I drove off and fucking not even 5 minutes later...I make a turn 2 blocks away from my house and That noise....that noise will haunt me for the rest of my life...So I just sat in my car like a little bitch...sheded a tear and called my g/f to tell her the bad news and asked her to come get me...

    IM DONE! I seriously need a dependable car to get around in. Im fucking broke and in debt. Everyone is laughing in my face now and I just have to accept the fact that they were right all along...It was a Great (not really) experiance and I def. learned a whole lot. You guys have helped me along the way and I know almost ever aspect of the CB7.

    You guys are like a family to me (even tho some say this is an "online corkboard"...not to me) and I will still stick around the forums.


    Im sorry to hear that man but you gotta do what you gotta do best of luck to your next car


      im sorry to hear that man. i know when i had my 1st '91 cb7 practily every week there was somethin wrong with it.

      on my way up to MD i blew my motor. then i had to wait like 3 weeks to get the money. all the while the car sitting at the dealership i was working at. then after that the starter went like 4 weeks later(bastards). then 2 end it all i wreck it the day BEFORE i get a sponsership call saying they're gonna sponser me for $7k. dats dat bull shnit right there. lol

      but i feel your pain man. just see if you can still come to the meets after you sell that thing


        should have stayed in school

        hate to sound like an ass hole. While i feel your pain on the car not working (it happens to all of us). I cant stand listening to people who brag about dropping out of school bitch about not having money
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          I'm broke and in debt too, join the club....
          1992 Accord LX - SOLD


            I'll be sure to call the WAHHH-bulance.

            Shit happens.
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              can we say evil? i mean dern.

              im sure he figured that he could come to the people on here for either some advice or for some sympathy(most likely he didnt want any1 to feel sorry for him)

              u aint gotta down him for it.


                Originally posted by Shadow1
                can we say evil? i mean dern.

                im sure he figured that he could come to the people on here for either some advice or for some sympathy(most likely he didnt want any1 to feel sorry for him)

                u aint gotta down him for it.
                Welcome to the internet. Enjoy your stay

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                  ur sig explains u in every detail. lmao

                  "id rather be a smartass than a dumbass." lmao

                  i figured u were gonna say somethin 2 me. u always do. lmao


                    Don't let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya

                    I'm broke most the time too but i don't bitch about it.

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                      It sucks that your car is a pile, but I am sorry for not being able to have a lot of sympathy. I see this stuff all the time.

                      If you are depending on a car to be reliable, why would you spend $400.00 on ITR's when clearly there was other work to be done?

                      It took me 5.5 years of ownership before I could even think about getting wheels for my car because I had to keep the car maintained, and I was on a college budget...

                      I basically had a choice to make. Get to where I was going everytime, or look good sitting on the side of the road.

                      Luckily, other than routine maintenance and cleaning, I haven't had any trouble with my car at all. Then again, maybe that is why.

                      Everything these days is about instant gratification. People need to learn to prioritize because the reality of the world (whether you want to believe it or not) is that you can't have everything all the time.

                      It is called opportunity cost. Every time you are given a choice, you can pick only one path. Once you choose, you can't choose the other path, therefore you have cost yourself that "opportunity."

                      When you chose to spend $400 on ITR's, you no longer had the opportunity to spend it fixing your car, when clearly it needed it.

                      Now just think, had you forgone the wheels (I am sure your old ones worked just fine), your car would still be broken right now, only you wouldn't owe anybody any money. So you could probably borrow some to finish fixing your car, get what you owe that person paid off, and THEN worry about the ITR's. Your G/F might have even been more understanding, because you weren't spending a lot of money on cosmetic stuff.

                      And then if you decided to sell it, you may just get a better price since it is mechanically sound, although with all the other people seeking instant gratification, who knows.

                      Of course, if your car was fixed and reliable, you probably wouldn't have to worry about selling it...

                      Just my $.02
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                        ehhh, kinda like how i now have to pay 700 bucks in part of my tutition because my dad wont pay the full anymore.

                        what sucks is that it is due by next wednesday and i get my paycheck next friday.

                        i guess it is going towards a good cause.

                        sorry to hear that meng.
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                          so are itrs up for grabs?



                            your making a dumb not saying stick with the cb because i like cb7's..but because itd be your best choice

                            ive been through the same broke down blah blah blah i was in debt..thats the joys of having a car...getting rid of it wont make things better..accord r33 got a new gsr...he blew his just sank a substantial amount of money into the repairs..and just NOW after spending that you want to get rid of it...worst financial decison ever...getting another car is yoiu wont get much for a broken cb7 if your gonna sell it...your gonna pay payments on a new into toher problems with a used car is full proof...stick it out with the cb7 until you get financially spent 400 bucks on rims couldve easily avoided this problem


                              Originally posted by DhN
                              your making a dumb not saying stick with the cb because i like cb7's..but because itd be your best choice
                              getting rid of it wont make things better..accord r33 got a new gsr...he blew his motor..

                              in my own defense..i did walk away with a free type R motor and $1000, but i agree to keep the cb7. your probably not going to find anything much more reliable

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