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my vouch thread

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    my vouch thread

    anyone i have sold stuff do or traded please post vouchs or anything thanks

    My ride
    my vouches
    H22 fund: $125
    My rides:
    92 civic B16 (sold)
    93 civic B18A (sold)
    93 accord F22A6
    91 civic 4 door (sold)
    98 GSXR 750 traded for B16 swap civic

    water temp gauge, received today, excellent condition, fast shipping, good seller.
    The CB7 Timeline


      good guy and great seller
      it's been a while but i'm back!!


        Trust worth and honest.

        I needed a 93 dizzy stat. Homeboy shipped it next day and was cool with receiving payment later..
        Patastinky's parting out thread. Everythings GOT TO GO!!

        c0up3z r3pr353n7 !!!1!



          cool dude

          shipped asap

          Very good seller


            carbnon fiber gas door just got it back like two days ago
            nice n cleeeeen
            fast and secure shipping
            i vouch for this guy man
            fast ass shipping
            lisa is long gone, but sophie is here!

            i got a good feeling about this one

            im going to have to
            |...OVERNIGHT PART'S 4RM....||'|";,__
            |..............JAPAN.................|| ---**-)
            "(@)'(@)''''''''''''''''''''''''*|(@)(@)*****" (@)
            check out my mr thread


              Is it bad I want to hurt this guy. I don't like dishonest people. He said he would ship my spoiler and never did to my knowledge, he wont return IM emails or even the message I levee on his myspace. I really would like my part i sent him my spoiler back or cash. Yes I know I made the mistake of trusting him and I hold no one else responsible for my action but I really am pissed that he dicke* me over. I know I am not the only one, I really am getting to the point I hope something bad happens to him, Nothing lift threating but just bad. If he would drop me a line and say what he is lagging on so much that would be cool, but as of now nothing, he hast said shi* to me. I am not trying to be a dic* or anything I just want to know whats going on.(hopefully I don't get a ban for this). Anyways I hope I am the only person who has this joy to deal with.

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