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i find my self.......!

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    i find my self.......!

    well i finally got my dream car. 92dx coupe. was hopping for a 90 but i came close. its manual tranny and boy i dreamed about what i was going to do to this car. well finally got it during the summer. was so happy. did my first mod too(shift knob) happy about it too. well guess what happens next. ii find my self wondering what i should do to the car next. i can't get rims for it because i want to lower it so it looks much better. well can't lower it because the drive way in the back of my house where my garage it has kind of an angle. if i lower the car it will defenitly scrape. can't put reverse gauge faces because on my ex the needles stick so i don't want it to stick my dx too.. can't go turbo because a lot of reasons... can't swap either because of the same reasons. uuuuuuuuuu i have the rust spots too. yeah well here i am 1 hour before a deep skin massage and i find my self thinking what should i do to my car.
    help me cb7tuner help me pimp my car.
    ps. this is not bitching. i love my car and i will find a way to do some shit to it.
    are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet

    DX's are awesome Are you positive you can't lower it, even alittle? Lowering would make it that much more fun, you like your car now right? After lowering it, you'd love it twice as much. It's all about learning how to drive a lowered car. Other than that, make sure all your maintenance is up to date and get the rust fixed and other cosmetic things, get it clean inside and out, that's hard work that pays off! How about 92/93 fogs? Good luck


      congrats klevis! coupes are fun. im sure you can lower it a bit on some springs. in the mean time maybe get some strut bars?
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        Put it on airbags, Klevis! Then you can raise it up to get in the driveway

        Honestly, I say save for a swap. It's the most practical thing to do. Well, that, and the rust repair. Get some nice OEM alloys and it won't look funny that it isn't lowered... but you'll still have nice wheels.

        Paint and rust repair
        OEM wheels
        H22 or F22B DOHC

        You'll be happy until your surroundings can accomodate a lower car.


          Why not get a set of coilovers? Then you can lower the car until the point where you scrape, and just set it a little higher.

          It's about time you've got the CB of your dreams man...I remember you having problems since when I joined.


            yep can't lower it. the funny thing is that i got on top of the problems of my dad accord ex and i pretty much fixed everything. now the dx came with strut bar and intake so i can't do anything there. the things that i love the most lowering and turbo are the ones that i can't do. anyways here are some pic that the seller which by the way was a member of this site posted on his thread and yeah i found the car through the classifieds here in this site lmao(thanks deev)

            and this is the pic that i fell in reminded me about my old 4 door dx. and yes as u guys see its a BBB

            it got to be something wrong with this beauty.and here it is.

            hopefully rondan wont mind me using his pic for this thread.
            nways. right now i am waiting on a dyi thread about reverse gauge faces and this kid is going to show me some tool that i need to use with is going to enable me to keep in place the bottom part of the needles and kind of pull up the top parts of the needle which means no more needle sticking when we install gauge faces.
            hopefully i do another mod soon enough because i am getting crazy i tell u. maybe i need to start attending some meetings. what do u say deev another south NJ meet? i might attend this one lol
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            are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet