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Introduction and rules.

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    Introduction and rules.

    Since the discussion of computer systems, video games, and computer problems seems to be rather common on this site, I figured a dedicated subforum might come in handy.
    Here, you can discuss anything computer-related. Your favorite games, your custom computer systems, operating systems, upcoming consoles, programming projects, cool software, etc... You can ask your fellow cb7tuner members why your stupid computer isn't working the way you want it to.

    As usual, respect your fellow members. Also, keep these few rules in mind (most of which are intended to keep out of legal trouble... as it would be bad for all of us if we get shut down!)

    -No porn, links to porn, or requests for porn. If you can't find that stuff on your own, you fail at the internet.
    - No buying or selling (keep that to the Classifieds)
    - No piracy.
    -No requests for links to pirated software.
    -No requests for links to sites that provide pirated software.
    -No requests for emailed files, uploaded files, or burned CD/DVD copies of copyrighted software.

    Links to legal, freely available software are acceptable, and even encouraged.

    In regards to piracy, can we point out what should be common knowledge? (Maybe it's a beginner?)

    Ie, Google: [Name of game] tpb
    (tpb signifying the pirate bay)

    Or, Google: [Name of TV show] s05e12 tpb
    Meaning season 05 episode 12

    Stuff like this I consider to be beginner, but you never know if there are noobs that don't know.
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      Ah so you broke down and made a section.

      Cool beans.

      The only thread that isn't here which should be is the PC fix thread.

      Why no thread?


        Geoff, I really don't want any piracy discussed. Not even the names of sites that provide torrents. Especially since the Google ads we have are largely paying the bills... and Google gets REALLY touchy about things like that (they've even begun bitching about foul language!)

        Ralph, that's one of the biggest reasons this section exists! I know I've made half a dozen "how do I fix this?" threads over the years myself.


          Are TV shows considered piracy? Out of curiosity... Because of the whole torrent download.
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            Yeah. Basically, if it's a torrent or other method used for transfer of copyrighted material, just don't discuss it here.


              Ya but im saying move that thread to this section, I think Masamune made it.
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