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    Gran Turismo Sport

    Does anyone have it?
    Iím thinking about getting it, seeing as Iíve been waiting for a ps4 GT game for years (still pissed gt6 never came to ps4!) Iíve been reading pretty bad reviews, and the GT Sport car list is pretty sad.

    I have GT Sport. In terms of classic Gran Turismo activities it is a little lacking.

    There aren't 650 cars, 400 of which are Miatas and Skylines. The car list is very concise, and honestly many of them are race cars or Vision GT cars.

    The track list is similarly small, but the selection is nice. There are a few new GT designed tracks which can be entertaining to learn. The real world tracks are well executed and the ambiance and track side activities are much more detailed and plentiful than past GT games where it seemed like racing in a post apocalyptic world, devoid of any human activity.

    As an avid gamer, I play and own most of the console racers (P cars, Assetto Corsa, Forza series, and GT. They all approach the subject matter differently.

    The 2 games that are the most similar are P cars and Assetto Corsa, the set up is very career driven and plays out in seasons, etc... These games have really simulation driven physics engines that can be a blast to learn.

    Gran Turismo 6 and the Forza series used to be like digital track days, pick your favorite car, tune it, take it out racing in single player or online multiplayer. Each of the latest iterations are kinda changing that dynamic. GT Sport's approach is very PC racer based, the race lobbies launch every 20 mins and the tracks are chosen by the GT developers and changed out weekly(?) and many of the races are GT3, GT4, etc... style races. The private lobby system still exists if you have friends and racers to play with. The implementation of safety ratings and experience levels for each racer help keep the racing close and without a ton of online carnage.

    The lack of diverse tracks can make the GT organized races kinda blah if they pick bad tracks from the available tracks. But I spent an entire month going through the "career" mode and the track experiences in single player before I ventured into multiplayer. It was entertaining and slightly frustrating in the best of ways. The AI drivers are better than the cars-on-rope dynamic that old GT games had. But these are the Forza Drivatars that would rather drive through you than race against you.

    The issue that I have with GT Sport are the implementation of physics. It still drives like older GT games which is good and bad. It is easy to drive cars fast and the sounds are vastly improved from older GT titles. But unlike Forza the cars all seem to have exaggerated downforce and the racetracks are glass smooth which kinda takes away from the "feel" of exciting racing and driving. There is difficulty judging how much speed or braking you should be using for a situation because it feels kinda numb. Forza nails this tangible sense of grip and nuance while still be a sim-cade style racer. (Forza 7 has it's own issues, different from GT). GT is still very shy to show damage to the vehicles, and the collision mechanics are still as they were in previous games; the vehicles have collision boxes larger than the car model, so you can't really race wheel-to-wheel. You will appear to scrape a car you're racing against, but visually there will be a 6 inch gap between the cars. That's not too serious, unless you are trying to race a car and your invisible box clips the tire wall and crashes you out when you should have been able to squeeze through.

    That's my 2 cents about the GT Sport. I like it, probably 7.5/10 but there are more diverse racers out there. But it does feel good to fire up GT, when it all works right its really worthwhile.


      Deeve, i just saw a post that new content is comint to GT sport so i guess they heard all the complaints and decided to release more cars for it.