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1998 Honda Accord with rusty engine parts

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    1998 Honda Accord with rusty engine parts


    I don't have any pictures, but is it normal for a 1998 - 2002 Honda Accord engine to have rusty parts? I don't think they had engine spash shields like the cb7s. I went to see the car, opened the hood, and was not happy. The car has 157K, but I have seen cb7s and cd5s with little rust on the engine parts with the same mileage.

    My dads 02 accord doenst have any rusted engine parts.....He takes care of his shit though

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      maybe water or coolant escaped some where?

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        Without pictures to show it, the solenoids, header heat shield, alternator, and radiator fan are rusty. Splash shields were not used on this generation, it appears water enters from underneath the engine and gets everywhere onto the engine parts.


          Is this car been in new england all it's life, esp. in the winter w/ salt? I mean for cast iron brackets and small mild steel brackets, rust could be normal. But I am guessing all the aluminum parts are oxidized badly, like the block, head, IM, etc...


            u get it when people wash the engines with water and stuff and let it sit

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