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    dude next fall I'm transfering to rolla. what classes are you taking this semester?
    o yeah other car is a 99 dodge intrepid


      my pu$$y magnet!!!

      Big 16g Turbo/H23 Head Swap/TSX Projectors


        my crx si when i first picked it up. i am in the process of some paint(satin flat black) and exterior mods. its sitting on blades with a fresh d16z6 swap. its a fun car but its nice to come back to the cb7. more pics when i get some work done to it.


          we fly high, no lie

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          Originally posted by JoshM
          Okay to do: "I'm sorry I broke your mailbox, here's $100.
          NOT okay to do: "I'm sorry I fucked your sister, here's $100.


            My new ride for now until I get my cd5...



              Saw this thread and decided to take som quick pics of a few of my cars.

              91 Jeep Wrangler YJ. Had for about 2 years. Got it stock for $1000. Never had a problem with it. Used to be my project until I got into Imports and the CB7.

              Here is my daily driver, 91 Ford Ranger XLT 5spd. Learned to drive manual with it. Was my first car.

              Here is my bro's CB7, I found it for him on craigslist and he brought it for $1250 a few weeks ago. It sits in the garage out of the snow, my bro doesn't have his license yet. 10th Anniversary Edition. Extremely Clean! 100% stock unlike my CB....

              Here are som pics of my CB7 in the snow. I never drive it in the snow since I have two trucks for that matter.

              I also used to have a 1st gen DSM and an Infiniti G20t. All those cars belong to me and my bro. My parents have a GMC Suburban and a 94 Accord CE1 Wagon own since new with about 450K all original miles......will post pics later, has some nice me hooked on the CB7 and Honda's.