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KeelesKustome: 06 Civic Lx

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    KeelesKustome: 06 Civic Lx

    the wifes car is becoming art.

    2006 Civic LX

    Avrages 45 mpg

    painted interior.

    painted calipers.

    catback exhaust.

    modified cat back exhaust.

    ifinity speakers throughout with 12"infinty sub and amp hooked to all speakers.

    TSW Hock R rims 17" by 8" with a 42mm offset

    bought a header, port matched to exhaust gasket.

    stock modified airbox. K&N air filter.

    painted valve cover
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    The cat is prettty much this cars down pipe. so i removed it and gutted it, expecting it to hurt the lower powerband, i was wrong, from my butt dyno it feels to have gained power from 0-100.
    i also removed the calipers completely and painted them to add some accent color.

    look at all that restriction!

    my first wund from her car.. it turned my finger into hamburger meat.

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      nice on the calipers. Not really a fan of gutting cats, increasing pollution but nice work there too. Those things really get 45 MPG? Christ. Who needs a fucking slowyota Prius then?


        lol i here yah.. but if you look at all my rides the last thing i am worried about is polution. please don't start ragging on me for it,. places such as TVA andwhat not make more in a day than i could ever dream of making in a lifetime
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          painted her glove box a little more different than it use to be.. i am going to keep this theme throughtout the inside of the car.. hope you like this as much as i do.

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            ..I can't imagine that will be ever good for a trade in value. Although the glove box is killer looking.
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              good mpg huh......

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                good gas mileage but what made you ruin a perfectly new car like this one?


                  oh yeah i forgot i actually bought a header for this car and have it wrapped in heat wrap, i forgot to take pics..

                  I'll see if i can get any good shots..

                  the interior did look like this.

                  if you call what i do ruining a car..... then please refrain from looking at anything i do..

                  FYI: i do not plan on ever getting rid of this car.. it is 2 years old, we bought it brand new and we have put 82,000 miles on it already. that is what would hurt the trade in value whitch i would not do anyways. the car will be paid off right at another year.
                  so don't worry about me ruining it's market value.

                  I will be purchasing skunk racing coilover strut/shock with camber kits soon enough.
                  as well as the new mugen lip on the new sedan civic si's
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                    Nice. She really like it or just don't care?
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                      she doesn't really mind it,, but yeah she likes the diamond plate, with eye tripping designs.
                      I am putting her a verry nice SQ sytem in her car with Satalite radio,, and i have been given the do what you want to the car go ahead. lol

                      everyone on my 8thgencivic forum loves it BTW
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                        The glove box is killer man

                        My bro is on 8thgen, not sure if you know him.. I think is name on there is ImLikeMike. Hes got a burgandy 4 door lowered on Enkei 17's, black SI grill, yellow fogs, flushmount, window visors and possibly a few other things.




                            I think it sweet, you got some mad talent there man. I wouldn't do it to my car, simple and sleek for me, but if you like it and you can pull it off, it's sweet!

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                              Man i envy do some awesome work..
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