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Lodollar92lx : 1994 Subaru Lega-STi Wagon

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    Lodollar92lx : 1994 Subaru Lega-STi Wagon

    welp, guess ill share whats been taking my focus away from my Accord....
    My faithful DD 94 Leggy wagon, while being awesome in the snow, and very reliable had a major flaw.... 90awhp. I dealt with it for 4 years before i couldnt stand it any more..... This was supposed to be a very straight foward simple project: swap turbo 2.2 motor from a 92 legacy turbo into my n/a wagon chassis, keep the stock trans, and do a mild turbo upgrade..... well, things dont always go as planned. The stock turbo sohc SUCK. Bad... tiny ports, tiny valves, amke no power above 5k... SO i figured, while the engine was out, id swap a set of DOHC n/a heads from a 98 outback wagon since they are a direct bolt on... Once the heads were sorted, i figured "hey, better head flow = bigger turbo more efficiently" so the stock turbo was ditched for a stock 05 sti unit...
    Perfect, should make 200whp on stock boost....

    Did the swap, which was pretty damn easy since subarus are like legos. Added a nice FMIC with all the needed piping, built a nice 3" turbo back exhaust with a big HKS carbon muffler and called it good for a while.....

    fast forward 6 months, i was getting worried about the longevity of the stock 5mt trans.... the wrx 5mt units are better, but not bullet proof.... SO thats when i justified the 05 STi six speed swap... and i ended up overbuilding it further and adding the sti rear lsd diff, the axles, and the OMG-my-eyes popped-out-of-my-head Gold 4pot/2pot Brembo brake setup.

    In its current state of tune, with a JDM chipped and tuned wrx ecu, and JDM 22B STi turbo, the car makes about 290hp and 280tq at all 4 wheels. Best time at the track is 13.2 @ 101mph, with a 1.8 60ft in a 3385lb car.

    Heres the complete build mod list...

    EJ22T closed deck turbo block
    EJ25D N/A DOHC heads
    EJ25D intake manifold, with egr removed.
    JDM EJ20H turbo camshafts
    UEL tubular header
    2.25 flex up pipe
    VF23 jdm BB turbo
    550cc yellowtops
    JECS plastic maf
    Walbro pump
    Custom chipped/tuned EJ20G JDM ecu, converted harness to go from 4channel to wasted spark
    3" custom made bellmouth downpipe
    3" custom stainless exhaust, no cats
    HKS Carbon Ti muffler
    2.5" custom made stainless chargepipes
    CXracing FMIC core, inverted mount
    Samco 90 deg. fittings
    Custom made turbo inlet pipe
    HKS clutch pro twin disk
    05 STi DCCD 6 speed transmission
    05 STi LSD R180 rear diff and axles
    04 STi rear knuckles
    STi Factory short shifter
    STi Brembo fronts, stop tech pads
    STi Brembo rears, stop tech pads.
    Zeal Function V6 inverted monotube coilovers
    17x8 +45 offset Advan Racing T6 hollow spoke wheels
    Kumho ecsta asx 245-40-17
    Custom scooped hood made out if 2 hoods
    07 STi lip
    Custom hatch spoiler made from lexus rx300 spoiler
    Touring Wagon front bumper cover
    Projector Fogs, made out of acura integra headlights
    Black housed headlights
    6000k hid's, fogs and headlamps
    Tinted tails
    Blacked out chrome trim
    Autometer gauges above radio, Boost, Oil press. Water temp.
    STi shift knob
    Alpine mp3 cd player
    4 channel amp for upgraded component speakers, 2 channel amp for 10" sub
    92 Sport Sedan Suede door panels, and front seats.

    These are older pics from when i had 18"s this summer

    got over the 18's and went to the Advan 17's with a wider tire.

    The turbo and MAF sensor are about maxed out, and the injectors are close. Probably going to build a twin scroll GT30R setup next, with a different ecu and maf setup and go for a reliable quick spooling 400awhp since my driveline is king kong and will hold the power no problemo...
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    Some videos from the summer...

    Racing my room mates 190whp 2089lb hatch at the dragway. i am .1 sec faster with a 1200lb heavyer car... His hatch is F***ing fast.

    Thats it for now, thanks for checkin her out!

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        Originally posted by deevergote
        These cars will never be the best at anything, but they're pretty damn good at everything.

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          Never seen an older wago like this modified, but I liiike
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            looks sick bro, nice sleeper


              sick car! love it! and X2, definitely a sleeper!


                Sexy....Reminds me of the mighty car mods Subaru wagon...I LOVING IT

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                  Local guy has a similar setup.... F that, wheres the thread about the boat ;O)
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                  GFI HOLLA!!!!!!




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                      Beautiful car, I love it!!

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                        "-Custom hatch spoiler made from lexus rx300 spoiler
                        -Projector Fogs, made out of acura integra headlights"

                        I like how you incorporated car parts from other models into this beastly wagon. Definitely highlight the wagon's appearance.


                          Dang! Any future plans?

                          Slamage is worth the Damage

                          Originally posted by crazymikey
                          "Yes, we did officer. By the way, your eyes look a little glazed, did you just come from the donut shop?"


                            Thanks guys!!

                            Spiker, alot of guys out your way are into building these older legacys..

                            Future plans are forged internals and a GT30R turbo.

                            heres a snow drifting vid from last winter

                            instagram @mikeymeyagi


                              I wanna see this thing face off with kellens

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