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bustedhonda: 1988 Civic sedan

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    bustedhonda: 1988 Civic sedan

    Hello everyone. I got the ef for a dd/gas saver. I got the car a few months ago for $550. 1988 with 271k miles Runs pretty good. Smokes a little bit so Im thinking either the valve seals are going bad or the rings. One of the 2.

    Its a pretty nice car for what I paid for the car. Im really happy with it so thats all that matters to me. Need some body work too.

    My plans are to do a b16 swap on it. A nice set of springs and struts.

    Im still doing alot of reading on what everyone is doing and what I want to do to mine. Still have a few unanswered questions but im searching and finding most of my answers.

    Im located in Roanoke VA.

    Thanks and Hoping to meet some good people and get alot of info from this site

    Ive been working on it for the past few months and here is everything that I have done to it so far. I didnt think to put up a build thead on here till just now. So im just copy and past the stuff from the other site.

    So Here it is. Going to be fun after I get the b16 swap in and start to work on the body and get it all painted up and looking good

    Here is just a few. I took alot today so I can have them for a start in my log. Here is a link to them all. There is a few in there with my cousins 86 crx

    Here was my not so big first problem. My low beams would turn on when I would turn on my parking lights. Someone had cut all the wires and twisted them together for some odd reason. I will be soldering them and heat shrinking them back together.

    All fixed up. I feel alot better now that they arent all twisted up.

    Started the body work. New/used hood and trunk haha

    I got the driver side pass door done along with the bumper filler. I also got a new set of head lights. Here are the pics.

    here are the headlights. I really didnt like the chrome so much and its not the look im going for. I really like the black out look so I black housed them

    from this

    to this

    Took the door mouldings off and welded up the holes.

    I added rear bumper lights. I thought about it for a good few weeks before I started
    cut up the bumper. I really like the way it turned out. Looks really good at night.

    Repainted the tops of the doors and installed fender lights.

    This is what I did to day. Everything is done just need to paint the car and get the rest of my stuff on the list at the bottom of the page.

    heres is an update. I put in an integra console and welded a bracket to be able to bolt it down useing the factor bolts.

    Still on my list to get is:
    integra front seats
    rear seats recovered
    front bumper
    front lip
    side skirts
    da front brakes
    cluster with a tach
    rims and tires
    rear disc brake swap
    rear sway bar
    b16 swap
    front and rear upper strut bars

    Hope yall like it. Its coming along nice and will be done soon.

    Leave feed back either way. Not going to hurt my feelings. Everyone has there own taste and might not like it but hey its my car and I like it...
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    Looks Great!! keep the pictures and updates coming

    Links to my rides :
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      Clean man! Like that you were able to integrate the Teg console so nicely. Get some seats and the interior will be good.
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        Civic looks good. I like the Integra console too, nice headlights by the way.
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          Thanks. I just need new carpet and get integra front seats then take my stock ones to get recovered and the interior will be done.

          Wont be long till it gets a new paint job either.
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            Man I love fodo efs!


              Thanks guys. Well the b16 swap has been put on a hold for a little bit. I have a chance to scoop up alot better deal. Im not going to tell everyone yet will just have to wait and see
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                Ok well heres the update. Everything went the way I wanted/needed it too haha. So heres a teaser pic see if anyone can pick it out

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                  No one wants to guess what the motor is?
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                    B18C of some sort

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                      Originally posted by JoshM View Post
                      B18C of some sort

                      Originally posted by lordoja
                      im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


                        I love EF sedans. I used to have one. Never had the chance to do what I really want with it. Good luck with it sir. I know with that teaser pic its going to fire flame!!!
                        I fly by like the coupe grew wings!!!
                        My coupe!!!

                        Originally posted by Racer_XXX
                        Excuse me miss, YOUR FUPA IS IN THE WAY!!!


                          Originally posted by JoshM View Post
                          B18C of some sort

                          that's right its a b18c. got a hell of a deal on it so I couldn't pass it up. pretty much paid as much for that as I would have for the b16a swap. ill post a few more pics when I get home. that's just a teaser wait and see what its got
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                            Nice bro b18c

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                              here yall go

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