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1Badacc : 1991 Acura Integra

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    1Badacc : 1991 Acura Integra

    So once again im back.. I got rid of the CB in Florida for a Civic hatch and sold that in NY to get into a 2003 Acura Rl..... cleaned it up rocked it and sold it for a profit because i got really bored

    I searched and search for a clean CB from NY to FL but couldnt find one clean enough so i went with the only other Honda/Acura i would mess with...
    This Build will be a Function>Form Build with attention to detail on everything i can... Im building on a budget and hopefully will complete it with what i envisioned it to be... It is my daily driver not a garage bitch, built to be used and is a reflection of my personality and skill set!!


    i found a Integra that had been grampa owned for most of its life from PA.. it had a bad motor so it needed upgrading


    LS Trans
    New passenger and Driver Motor Mounts
    A/C,P/S/,C/C Deleted
    Full Wire Tuck, Battery Relocated to trunk with Battery Box
    "Big 3" engine ground upgrade
    AEM V2 Intake
    VC Color Matched
    "stage 1" clutch kit

    shampoo'd Full Interior including seats
    Cadillac Escalade Rear Trunk Mat
    Acura TL OEM Black Floor Mats over OEM
    Color Matched Tack/Gauge needles

    Repainted 2012 Honda Fit Blue Raspberry Metallic
    Dents and surface Rust repaired
    Black Housed OEM headlights
    Refurbished headlight Buckets
    Refurbished Side Moldings
    94 Accord OEM front lip

    OEM Brakes
    OEM Suspension

    OEM Steelies
    OEM Calipers
    Dura-Ass Pads

    Pioneer CD/MP3 Player
    Ipod playin the jams
    Monster RCA Cables
    custom 4 gage wiring
    Rear Amped JBL p550c power series components
    Front Dual BS speakers
    JBL GTO504 4-channel amp
    alpine 800 watt amp
    10" Menace Competition High SPL Midrange Dual Voice Coil speaker 200watt rms
    2 12" Road Thunder MTX Subs in Sealed box

    Im gonne go deaf

    Future Mods

    Motor/Trans:B20 Vtec mild build.. Rebuild Kit, b16/b18c head, ARP head studs, p72 oil pump, p72 oil pan,Golden Eagle lsv kit, hytec rep header, Cable b16 trans,Innovative traction bar, Tuned p28 with jumper harness...ETC **Next Season**

    2nd Motor Build choice:
    All Basic bolt ons...4-1 Header, Aftermarket Intake Manifold, 68mm Blox throttle Body, Aftermarket Fuel rail/Regulator, b16 cable trans, Innovative traction bar, Tuned on p28.... possibly mild cam, upgraded mounts...**Next Season**

    Stopping Power:
    Front-OEM Nissin 95 Acura Legend GS dual Piston Calipers (3mm Machined off for fit) .... **ACQUIRED**
    Mini Cooper Brembo Blank Rotors (10.3" DA Integra stock... 11.5" Mini cooper stock) **Next Season**
    Hawk Street Pads **Next Season**
    Speed Bleeders **Next Season**

    Rear- OEM Nissin 05 Acura RSX Type-s Calipers **AQCUIRED**
    EP3 Brembo Blank Rotors
    Hawk Rear street Pads **Next Season**
    Goodridge Stainless Steel SS Brake lines all around **Next Season**
    Brake Line Tuck
    Possibly Upgraded Brake Master..etc (Researching) **Next Season**

    15x6 Volk CE28 reps... repainted "Cyber Gray" by yours truely **ACQUIRED**
    Nitto Neo Gens VR... size 205/50/r15 ***ACQUIRED***
    ARP Extended wheel Studs
    Muteki Super Tuner Lug Nuts... silver

    Full 1-piece Coilovers (unsure brand)**Next Season**
    Wiked Tuning Rear Camber Kit**Next Season**
    Generic Front Upper Control Arms.. not sure..**Next Season**
    Blox Rear lower control arms**Next Season**
    Benen Rear Lower Tie Bar with Type-R Bolts**Next Season**
    ASR Rear Subframe Brace **Next Season**
    ST front and Rear Anti Sway Bar**Next Season**
    Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Bar**Next Season**
    Generic Rear Upper Strut Bar**Next Season**
    Energy Suspension Master Bushing Kit**Next Season**
    B-C Pillar Bars**Next Season**
    Floor Bar**Next Season**
    Custom "X" Trunk bar **Next Season**

    I prob forgot something

    OEM XS-i Headlights**Next Season**
    OEM CRX Foglights**Next Season**
    OEM XS-i Fender Side Markers**DONE**
    Acura OEM front Lip**Next Season**
    Custom Rear Lip **DONE**
    Replace front seats**Next Season**
    Repaint OEM Wing.. with New Trunk Gasket and Hardware **DONE**
    Re Seal Tail Lights **IN THE PROCESS**
    Color Match Engine Bay **DONE**

    here is the car after the swap and an accord lip


    Interior is pretty much stock with a ripped seat

    paint was dull and weathered so i had to polish it back up

    ready to go

    minor rust on both sides and a dent no biggie

    After the full detail

    after having it for a week or 2 i just didnt want it white anymore.. and the dents and rust had to go
    so i disassembled it and prepped the whole car for paint

    Taped it up and prepped the whole body sanding all the paint down... and taking care of some rust spots here and there (almost got struck by lightning working in the rain to get it done) lol

    OCD JUST KICKED IN YO!!... cleaned the spare tire area lol
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    A week or so later and this is the end result

    Behind the Bumper wasnt painted so i decided to do it because it bothered me

    i blackhoused the headlights for now till i can get a good deal on some JDM onepieces

    As she sits currently... took this on a mountain run last week

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      Engine/Bay Section

      Before... after the swap

      Decided to clean up my engine bay a bit... so i fully deleted P/S, C/C, A/C and relocated the battery as well as upgraded some grounds (had some starting issues) and painted the Valve Cover to match..

      Mind the Ugly APC filter, its all i had lying around lol

      Current as of 9/12 Full wire Tuck Including Fuse Box (still havent deleted Power Steering Hose and lines)
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        So here are the 95 Acura Legend GS Dual Piston and RSX type-s Calipers Cleaned up

        Legend Color Matched

        Ran out of paint for the RSX Calipers... soon


        CE28 4-Lug Reps.. Similar to my CB's Rims.. except the color i wanted this time

        Originally white


        All 4 Done... CYBER GRAY

        pics in sun.. dont do the color justice
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          reserved FO!

          ^^MY OLD RIDE


            1st!!!!! nice. lotsa potential to be had here and lots of aftermarket support. make it as clean if not cleaner than your cb was

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              good start.
              my DA's paint also looks dull.any tips on getting it like yours?


                ruuuuuuuust. LoL. btw you gunna race cinjay now?

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                  Lookin good bro nice da9 homie!
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                    Originally posted by luckyflip View Post
                    good start.
                    my DA's paint also looks dull.any tips on getting it like yours?
                    i buffed it out with the 3m products and foam pads

                    Originally posted by Night Wolf View Post
                    ruuuuuuuust. LoL. btw you gunna race cinjay now?
                    she is supposedly selling hers now... her BF called me trying to sell it to me

                    Thanks guys check the new updates on the first page as i go... Specs list updates soon!

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                      Updated Mod List... and whats goin on

                      Working two jobs to get it ready for next season and for AFM12!!

                      This winter it will go under the knife

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                        not bad going to be watching this one. you learned alot
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                          excellent attention to detail.Paint looks like aztec green on my monitor.
                          great choice on paint,


                            Wow, I absolutely LOVE love love that colour! The VC looks awesome, and I actually like the contrast of the white engine bay....IMO it gives it a little bit of a cleaner appearance.

                            I love DA's, and nice to see someone building up a very clean example. Every time I see a DA in person, it's bone stock and beat up or riced to hell and beat to shit.

                            A year or so ago I had the chance to buy a RHD XSi. Wish I bought it.


                              Ah no u sold that pretty cb. The new owner is loving it prolly. Since that car was nsty. This here acura will b just as nice.. the paint work on the car. Did u do it?

                              How many coats of clear u used on the wheels?
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