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CyborgGT : 2002 Acura RSX

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    CyborgGT : 2002 Acura RSX

    The daily, probably keeping it for the long term. Skipping engine mods (for now) to keep it reliable, and just making it look good and handle well. I've got a real project car to sate my power needs.

    Day One:

    by D.Flinn, on Flickr

    by D.Flinn, on Flickr

    - Purchased 9.10.2012 @ 96k miles
    - Automatic
    - Desert Silver Metallic
    - "Titanium" leather interior
    - Same K20A3 as in the EP3 Civic Si, but a different intake manifold gains 10 lb-ft.


    ​- Mugen Sports Suspension coilovers (1.4" static drop)
    - Mugen front strut brace & rear "mid bar"
    - Eibach sway bars, 25mm front + 23mm rear
    - Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings (rears still need installing)
    - EBC USR slotted discs
    - Hawk HPS 5.0 pads
    - Stop-Tech braided lines
    - 16" 02-04 RSX wheels w/Firestone Winterforce
    - 17" 05-06 RSX Type-S wheels w/Michelin Pilot Sport A/S

    - Mugen fiberglass intake box (needs modification to fit)
    - Magnaflow oval muffler

    - A-spec style front lip (needs paint)
    - Mugen-style hood (horrible Carbon Creations replica, to be replaced)
    - Aerocatch carbon-look locking hood pins
    - Depo black-housed headlights
    > Mini H1 bi-xenon projector retrofit
    > Morimoto XB35 5000k HID bulbs
    > Morimoto 3Five 35 watt ballasts
    > TRS HD Relay harness
    > TRS high-beam splitter harnesses (not yet installed)
    - 20% tint all around w/windshield banner
    - 'Acura' & 'RSX' trunk badges removed
    - 'Integra' badge (not sure I even want to install it anymore)
    - A-spec/Type-R style wing (carbon fiber, paint-matched)

    - Kenwood deck from my old Accord (bought in 2009, and still kicking!)
    - Replaced a couple worn/missing interior pieces
    - Grey cloth '05-'06 front seats
    - Black cloth '05-'06 rear seats (slowly piecing together an OEM black/grey two-tone)
    - Black carpet swap w/factory floor mats
    - Taillight turn signal "red-outs"

    Future Goals:

    - Basically a complete in-and-out overhaul. I'll keep the engine/trans situation stock just because I want it to remain the reliable daily, and to see how many miles I can get out of it. But once it eventually blows, I'm thinking about a K24A2 + manual trans swap. A supercharger would be cool, too.
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    Nice, car looks pretty clean. I've always loved DC5s. Good luck with this car

    1993 Honda Accord EX


      Thanks. And actually, there are quite a few little nicks in the paint, some rather obvious dents on the hood (as seen in photo) and behind the 'Acura' badge, and on the driver side the car was poorly repainted at one point around the C-pillar. I'll take it into a body shop soon to see what can be done about it all.

      I went ahead and placed orders for the window tint (covers every window, plus a windshield strip - not sure about the sunroof), replacements for the broken trunk cover hook and scratched-up rear seat center console, and an "Integra" emblem (the 'A' badges will be left on, but the 'Acura' and 'RSX' are going). Also got some stain remover I want to try out on a red stain in the front passenger foot well. At least I'm making decent progress returning it to factory quality.

      The more I drive it, the more I realise how good this car is for me. The Accord, with the power, and the aftermarket noises and vibrations from the stiffer setup, it was constantly making me want to gun it everywhere. This car is rather more relaxing, and I find myself always going about 5mph under the limit rather than my old 10 over.


        I can agree on the last part.

        with all of the old car things that my accord has the rattles and the vibrations, I want to do 70 MPH everywhere I go, 40, 45 zones.

        but when I slip into a newer car that rides smooth, I am content with doing the speed limit.


          Just got my first speeding ticket in this thing. 41 in a 30 on some curves, but the ticket was reduced to 5 over. $85. Same exact situation I got with the CB7 a couple years back. Same ticket my sister's got a couple times. That limit's bullshit. I would have gone straight to the courthouse and paid it off, for giggles, but I've gotta wait ten days


            Updated the first post. I got my Type-R wing painted, and installed yesterday. It adds so much to the overall look of the car, I love it! Beefs it up a bit, away from that almost feminine Cavalier-ish look.


              looks good man, i love my gf type s. I want her to get a type r wing but shes like "its to high"


                From a practicality stand point, I sometimes wish it was just a hair higher. It's not super annoying, but any lower and looking in your rear view would be completely pointless. No regrets though, it's beautiful!

                Show her this midwing for sale:



                  Went for a drive up Lookout Mountain today.


                    you dont get messed with for no front plate?

                    93 Accord LX Sedan (sold)
                    01 Civic LX Sedan (sold)-93 Accord EX Wagon (totaled)
                    93 Accord SE Sedan (sold)-92 Accord EX Sedan (sold)
                    93 Accord SE Coupe (sold)-97 Accord SiR Wagon (sold)

                    95 Accord LX Wagon (CURRENT)-05 Impreza WRX Sedan (CURRENT)-02 Ram 1500 (CURRENT)-20 VW Jetta (CURRENT)


                      Not in the near two months I've been driving and passing cops. It's too often that I see Corvettes and other vehicles without the front plate, so I decided to take my chances. I don't even keep it in the cab. Front plates are ugly


                        I've done a lot to the car since my last post, so I updated the original post.


                          Picked up some 05-06 RSX-S wheels recently, and got some genuine HFP stickers to give them a racier look. Taller & wider wheel = less sidewall and 10mm larger contact patch = more grip . Tires will wait until Spring is closer, since they'll get warm-weather rubber and it just started snowing here.

                          And for the hell of it, here are some work photos from throughout my time with this car:

                          I recently switched from EBC Green Stuff pads to Hawk HPS. The Greens faded like stock and my slotted discs ate right through them. Hopefully these wear stronger, but they definitely hold up to more abuse. During the Nissan VQ meet I was invited to (photos in top post), we did some great canyon runs and I didn't feel any fade.

                          Meguiar's Ultimate Compound. Good stuff. The clear coat on my driver's side is horrible, so until I get the car resprayed, I've just been going over it with this and an orbital buffer every couple months. It hides the change in finish pretty well.

                          Couple photos taken during my Mini H1 retrofit install.

                          See how large and off-center the wiper nozzles are? I finally fixed that the other day, drilling new holes for the stock sprayers. Still gotta get some fiberglass to fill in the old ones...

                          Sway bars! Holy hell, these babies made a difference. I installed the rear, drove on it for six months to get used to the change, then did the front. The front bar especially helped reign in the understeer to make this car grip. The stock front-to-rear balance remains, it's all just stiffer; end links were swapped out for Ingalls joints at the same time.

                          Did the same exhaust trick that I loved with my old CB: a simple Magnaflow muffler swap. I haven't removed the resonator on this car yet, but it'll come. I the goal was to make it sound sportier, but not in a loud and underpowered kind of way that the car can't back up in horsepower.

                          That's it. This car is officially on hold for the winter while I focus my efforts back towards my future CB wagon!

                          *ED. - cleaning up the intro post and moving some pics here:

                          With the VQ Club of Colorado at the base of Mt. Evans

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                              *ED. - lol. I had a list of plans here, but I've already thrown a few of those ideas out the window...
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